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Last Updated: Thursday, 7 October, 2004, 06:12 GMT 07:12 UK
WMD findings 'embarrass' PM

The Daily Express draws a sombre conclusion from the Iraq Survey Group's finding that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD at the time of invasion.

"They died for a lie," declares its front page headline above pictures of the coffins of two British soldiers killed in an ambush near Basra.

"The prime minister fed us a pack of lies," the father of a murdered British soldier tells the Daily Star.

The Daily Mail says the report is a huge embarrassment for the PM.

'Rebuilding plan'

The Daily Mirror reports the insistence of the government that the war in Iraq had been justified and then wonders "what planet are they on?".

The Guardian uses a striking picture of a UN official scanning a vast sweep of Iraqi desert to illustrate the story that the inspectors had drawn a blank.

The Daily Telegraph calls their lack of findings a clear demolition of the main stated reason for going to war.

But the Sun says Saddam eventually planned to rebuild his arsenal.

'Damning report'

"Why bother dialling 999?" asks the front page of the Mail.

It highlights "a damning report" into what the paper says is the way Thames Valley Police kept well away - for their own safety - from a fatal double shooting at a barbecue in Oxfordshire.

According to the Times, Sandra Howard has become the first wife of a Tory leader to address a party conference.

The paper says the basement of the conference centre in Bournemouth was packed for the former model's speech about a charity helping drug addicts.

'Robo Conk'

The Mail, the Express and the Sun have some fun with the latest safety scare surrounding the once innocent institution of the conker.

They report on a number of schools that have banned children from playing conkers just in case they suffer from a nut allergy.

The Sun thinks it has the answer - a "Robo Conk" outfit to protect them.

The outfit comprises hard hat, goggles, breathing mask, gloves, body armour and knee pads.

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