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Last Updated: Sunday, 9 May, 2004, 04:48 GMT 05:48 UK
'Worse abuse claims to come'
Sunday's papers
Many of the Sunday papers take the opportunity to publish again images of Iraqi prisoners being abused by US soldiers - and warn worse is to come.

The Independent on Sunday says new photos from Abu Ghraib jail will show US troops having sex with a woman prisoner and Iraqi guards raping boys.

The Sunday Telegraph claims the Queen's Lancashire Regiment has been told to hand over any photos taken in Iraq.

The Sunday Mirror sees the scandal as a setback to political progress in Iraq.


A waiter in a Manchester curry house was recruited by al-Qaeda and trained as a hijacker for the 11 September attacks, according to the Sunday Times.

The paper says the 29-year-old man had doubts and gave himself up to the FBI - but they did not believe his claim planes were to be flown into buildings.

Meanwhile the Sunday Express tells how a Tory MP's Bill will propose fines for anyone desecrating the Union flag.

It follows flag-burning protests by Islamist fundamentalists last month.

Euro vote

An opinion poll shows Labour trailing the Tories by four points at the next election if Tony Blair was still prime minister, the Mail on Sunday says.

It claims the YouGov poll indicates if Gordon Brown was prime minister, Labour would win with a majority of 27.

The Independent on Sunday reports that Education Secretary Charles Clarke is urging Mr Blair to hold a referendum on the Euro.

Mr Clarke argues the poll could be carried out at the same time as a vote on the EU Constitution, the paper says.

Choking fogs

Another heatwave this summer could mean thousands of people have to wear charcoal masks to avoid choking ozone fogs, the Observer reports.

It says scientists have found that last summer's heat meant chemicals released by plants and trees led to more ozone.

The Sunday People says it has found massive colonies of the MRSA superbug at eight major hospitals.

But the Sunday Times tells how future office buildings may be designed to make staff more active and healthier.

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