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Sir Roger steps in to help Queen
Sir Roger Moore
Sir Roger is a Unicef ambassador
Sir Roger Moore lived up to his James Bond alter ego when he stepped in to help the Queen as curtains failed to open on a plaque she was unveiling.

The Queen pressed a button but the curtains in front of the plaque at Heathrow Airport stayed firmly shut.

So Sir Roger, who was sitting nearby, knelt down On Her Majesty's Service once again and tugged at the cloth.

And the curtains eventually opened on the plaque marking 10 years of a Unicef and British Airways charity.


The brass plate in the airport's Royal Suite was marking the achievements of the Change for Good Programme.

Unicef ambassador Sir Roger said after the incident: "I wasn't meant to be up there but James Bond has got to do something."

Sir Roger, who was knighted by the Queen last year, said he was delighted to meet her once again and, with his act of chivalry, demonstrate that nobody does it better than a former James Bond.

"I'm a royalist so I'm always thrilled," he said.

Under the Change for Good scheme, air passengers can donate unwanted foreign coins and notes during flights using envelopes left at their seats.

Unicef collects the money to help children across the world and has raised more than 17m over the last decade.

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