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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 May, 2004, 15:05 GMT 16:05 UK
Dyson 'ranks last in reliability'
James Dyson and cylinder model
Dyson's famous vacuum cleaners are made in Malaysia
The Dyson vacuum cleaner - famous for its bagless technology - is the least reliable of all upright and cylinder brands, a consumer magazine has said.

A quarter of 5,100 upright vacuum cleaner owners surveyed by Which? failed to give their Dyson an all-clear on performance after six years' use.

Nearly a fifth of Dyson cylinder users also reported issues.

Despite the problems, Dyson owners remain the most likely to recommend the machine to a friend, Which? reported.

Cyclone of despair

The magazine interviewed more than 5,100 people with different brands of upright cleaner and almost 2,600 with cylinders models.

Overall, 79% of upright vacuum cleaner owners and 91% of cylinder model owners said their machines did not need to be repaired in the first six years.

The best performing upright makes were Sebo, Hitachi, Oreck, Panasonic and Electrolux while Morphy Richards, Bosch, Numatic and Miele came top among owners of cylinder cleaners.

How well [Dyson] puts [their vacuum cleaners] together is open to question
On upright cleaners, Which? said: "Yet again, Dyson is the only brand with below-average reliability. So think twice before buying one."

It said of Dyson: "It may design the most effective cleaners around but how well it puts them together is open to question."

Dyson said it found the Which? report "surprising".

"Comet, one of our largest customers, agreed and confirmed that customer returns for Dyson vacuum cleaners are very low compared to most manufacturers," a Dyson spokesman said.

In a spin

The Which? survey also included 949 people with washer-driers. It found 71% of owners' machines had not needed repair in the first six years.

Among owners of tumble-driers, the figure was 89%.

But 56% of those in the poll with a Hoover washer-drier and 79% with a Hoover tumble-drier said their machines had lasted up to six years without repair.

Hoover expressed disappointment over the results.

"The Which? survey, by its nature, will favour those newer brands in the market or those with a smaller installed base," a spokesman said.

Your comments

Is it any wonder that quality problems exist? Dyson has moved production to a lower cost base, but as a growing number of companies that are "outsourcing" are realising, you get what you pay for.
Tim Lawrence, Wiltshire

Apart from a broken hose pipe - which was my fault anyway - my Dyson upright has lasted me 8 years now without any problems. I would stick with Dyson for a number of reasons; chief among them being that he is a UK inventor who was mocked by the big boys when he first introduced it. But he stuck with it, and has made his point.
Andy, UK

It easily clogs up and needs servicing often
Chris, Wakefield UK
Having had a Dyson upright for 2 years, I agree with the Which survey. The machine might be powerful but it easily clogs up and needs servicing often. In the repair shop I took ours, about a third of all the machines to be repaired / serviced were Dysons.
Chris, Wakefield UK

We've had a Dyson DC01 for about 10 years. Never gone wrong, you just need to keep an eye on the filters and the suction tube. All very easy to remedy if a blockage occurs. When all is said and done, it is a machine though and all machines are subject to variable performance and quality.
Andy Smith, Sevenoaks, England

My Dyson was in the skip 5 years after buying it. Trim fell off in the first 18 months, it had to be repaired when failed to 'suck'. It was constantly blocked and I spent hours unblocking, taking out screws and reassembling. In the end it went to be replaced by another bagless upright at less than half the price which is twice as effective. Never again!
Avril Scott, Preston

Far better service than any other I have received with other makers
Karl Plummer, Ipswich UK
I've had my Dyson for 3 yrs and had one problem which Dyson sent out a replacement, which was received the next day, far better service than any other I have received with other makers.
Karl Plummer, Ipswich UK

I like my Dyson for it's funky design & lovely colours, but it doesn't get the hairs up out of the carpet, which is very frustrating.
Lynne Thomas, Maesycwmmer, Wales

In their advertising Dyson neglect to mention the fabulous cost of their filters. You thought that bagless vacuuming meant none of the expense? Think again.
Richard Gray, Newton-Le-Willows, UK

I have had a Dyson upright Hoover for 9 years. I have had it serviced by Dyson once in that time and they replaced any superseded parts free of charge. It has never needed repairs and still performs as well as the day I received it so I completely disagree with the Which results. I would definitely buy another one (eventually!)
Joanne Stafford, Hastings, East Sussex

I'm looking forward to them making more home appliances!
Justin, London, UK
We've had our Dyson vacuum cleaner for 4 years now and it has never failed to be anything but superb - it's still going strongly and doesn't show any sign of problems. I've also got the Dyson washing machine and that is an absolutely incredible washing machine, superbly built and stunningly fast performance. All in all, I'd never buy anything else than a Dyson and I'm looking forward to them making more home appliances!
Justin, London, UK

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