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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 April, 2004, 19:37 GMT 20:37 UK
Fictional cash fools Potter fans
JK Rowling's Harry Potter
Two in five people believe Harry Potter currency is real
Two in five people think the sickle - the money described in the Harry Potter books - is real, a survey has suggested.

As many as 25% of respondents believe credits, the currency from the Star Wars movies, is also legal tender abroad, says the poll.

Post Office figures show 28bn was spent by the British on holiday last year - up 6% from 2002.

UK holidaymakers tend to budget an average 233 for spending money on a one-week trip.

And the Post Office has predicted another increase this year of over 6% which would take the total spent overseas to more than 30bn.

Nearly 70% of UK travellers buy their currency a week before their departure.

The top five currencies sold through the Post Office are the Euro, the US dollar, the Cypriot pound, the Canadian dollar and the Turkish lira.

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