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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 September, 2004, 14:52 GMT 15:52 UK
Diana paparazzi appeal thrown out
Diana Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed
The pictures of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed were never published
Three photographers accused of invading the privacy of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed by taking pictures have had their acquittal upheld.

Jacques Langevin, Christian Martinez and Eric Chassery were among paparazzi following the couple on the night they died in Paris in 1997.

They were originally acquitted last November after a civil suit was brought by Mohammed Al Fayed.

Mr Al Fayed lodged an appeal but a court in Paris rejected it on Tuesday.

The pictures in question, which were confiscated and never published, showed Dodi Al Fayed and Princess Diana leaving Paris' Ritz Hotel on the night the car they were travelling in crashed.

The case was the first brought to court since the events of 31 August 1997.

Diana paparazzi found not guilty
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