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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 September, 2004, 04:52 GMT 05:52 UK
Killing of Turkish man unsolved
by Chris Summers
BBC News Online

Scene outside the Dostlar Lokali cafe
Dozens of people were involved in the brawl
Prosecutors have decided against taking further action against a man accused of murder after a jury failed to reach a verdict.

Veisel Yavuz, 20, was formally acquitted at the Old Bailey last week after the jurors became deadlocked.

He had denied murdering Alisan Dogan, 43, a carpenter, who died during a mass brawl among Turkish and Kurdish groups in Haringey, north London.

The Crown Prosecution Service said on Wednesday it would not seek a retrial.

The court heard the brawl was part of a feud between the Kurdish separatist PKK and a gang known as the Bombocalir (Bombers), who were backed by a prominent Kurdish crime family based in London.

The PKK, which was engaged for 30 years in a war against Turkey, helped set up many businesses in London and demanded protection money in return, the court heard.

We work 12 hours a day. We haven't got time to be a mafia. We haven't got time to carry guns or cause trouble
Veisel Yavuz
In April 2002, the PKK abandoned the military struggle and restyled itself the Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress (Kadek).

But it retained a hold over many businesses in the Green Lanes area, the court heard.

In the summer of 2002 a Kurdish mafia boss tried to muscle in on the PKK's turf.

The family, which cannot be named for legal reasons, used a gang of youthful thugs called the Bombocalir.

Just after 4pm on the afternoon of 9 November 2002 several hooded members of the Bombocalir attacked the Samas Abbas supermarket in Green Lanes.

Store trashed

It was owned by a member of the Yavuz family who, the Old Bailey trial heard, were sympathetic towards Kadek.

The gang trashed the store and assaulted staff.

Furious Kadek sympathisers rang each other on their mobiles and organised their own posse to carry out a retaliatory attack on the nearby Dostlar Lokali cafe, which had recently been owned by the mafia boss's family, the court heard.

Alisan Dogan
Alisan Dogan was murdered in revenge attack
Around 8pm a 40-strong gang arrived at the cafe and a mass brawl ensued, in which knives, baseball bats and guns were used.

Twenty people needed hospital treatment and Mr Dogan was fatally wounded.

Detectives spent weeks investigating the incident despite a wall of silence from the local Kurdish and Turkish community.

Two months later they raided a series of addresses in Tottenham and Finsbury Park and arrested a number of men, including Mr Yavuz.

Denied involvement

He worked as a waiter at his father's restaurant, the Gokyuzu, in Green Lanes. The restaurant was only a few doors away from the Dostlar Lokali.

Mr Yavuz denied any involvement in the brawl. He claimed he had been working night shifts and had been sleeping during the day.

Asked by police if his family were involved in the incident, Mr Yavuz said: "No. We work 12 hours a day. We haven't got time to be a mafia. We haven't got time to carry guns or cause trouble."

He said he got the bus from his home in Tottenham to Green Lanes and when he got there the area was cordoned off by police investigating the incident.

He said he was unable to go to work - because the restaurant was behind the cordon - and ended up going home on the bus.


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