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Last Updated: Wednesday, 21 April 2004, 10:08 GMT 11:08 UK
Sunday roast tops expat wish list
Roast beef dinner
Family and friends are important, but expats desire roasts
The Sunday roast, a full English and a nice cup of tea are the national mainstays Britons would most miss if they moved abroad, a survey has found.

While three-quarters of people said they would most miss family and friends, food dominated the list.

One in ten people said they would crave a curry and a third would want fish and chips, if they left the UK

But few would pine for the weather or reality television shows, the research by Abbey National Offshore found.

A total of 42% of the 1,026 people asked said they would miss a traditional Sunday roast, while 37% would miss tea.

Chips and chocolate

The list of cravings makes potentially depressing reading for any nutritionist with chips, crisps and chocolate highlighted by many.

Plate of chips and a sausage
Fish and chip cravings would confront 30%
Fish and chips would be the top order for 34% of expats and 29% said they would feel deprived of an English breakfast.

One in five people said they would miss British chocolate, while 12% would crave baked beans

A tenth said they would hate not being able to go for a curry and the same proportion would miss crisps.

High Street staples also made the selection.

Not being able to shop in Marks & Spencer would be a major drawback for 27% of people, while 26% would miss Tesco.

Potential expats said they would miss soaps, comedy and news, but a third of people said they would not mind leaving behind reality TV or the UK's obsession with celebrity.

But they were happy to wave goodbye to the British weather, MPs and traffic congestion.

What would you miss if you moved abroad?

Your comments:

I really, really miss proper English bacon
Sarah, France

I moved to France a few years ago and I really, really miss proper English bacon and Lincolnshire sausages.
Sarah, France

I have been in Hong Kong for 6 years and yet to have a decent Sunday roast dinner. Nothing beats a good bit of lamb, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and loads of gravy. As for English breakfast and English tea there are plenty of restaurants that can do a good job here. What I miss most is the English sense of humour and I do not miss the weather!
Gareth Fong, Hong Kong

I do miss the company of woman, (it's a man's world out here!), good newspapers, green hills, country walks and good pubs. I definitely don't miss sport on television, the obsession with David Beckham, politicians or D grade celebrities who're a legend in their own minds.
Heather Underwood, Kuwait

I would miss everything about England, it is a great place to live and bring up children. I've travelled to many places and still think it is the best place in the world. I was born here and would never consider living anywhere else.
MH, England

I'd really miss pointless surveys. 70% of my colleagues disagree with me on this, 20% agreed saying that pointless surveys were what they looked forward to most during the day. The other ten percent had gone to get a cup of tea so I didn't ask him.
Mark Kite, UK

I spent a year in Germany recently, and it really is the food you miss - after all, you can't talk to food on the phone can you! Cadbury's chocolate, baked beans, and 'proper' tea were my main cravings. I send a friend out there parcels with sage and onion stuffing mix, tea, crisps and malt vinegar as they are what he still misses - and he's been there 24 years!
Roz, Keele

The thing I miss above all is the British humour
Rachel, Luxembourg

I have lived abroad for nearly five years now (in France and Luxembourg), and the thing I miss above all is the British humour - the quick-wittedness and people's readiness to laugh at themselves. I also miss the TV, which would seem to be of a higher standard than any other TV in Europe, in spite of all the Reality TV etc. I miss Boots the Chemists, and being able to buy paracetamol in supermarkets. And every now and then I get cravings for Marmite and Dairy Milk chocolate.
Rachel, Luxembourg

I live in Denmark, but can't get decent bacon, they export it all to the UK, a good English breakfast is what I miss most, with all the trimmings.
Mark Snowdon, Denmark

Milk. I've lived in Sierra Leone, where there are no farms or cattle. Oh yes, there's plenty of tea imported from Europe, but UHT milk ruins a cuppa and breakfast cereals taste dreadful. You don't know how good you've got it when you've got fresh cold milk freely available like we do here.
P Walton, UK

The only thing, other than my partner, that I missed when I was living and working in Belgium was the range of vegetarian produce that is available in the UK.
Ross Miller, UK

My sister does live abroad and what she misses is: Branston pickles, tea, our chocolate, curries, shortbread, Nestle cream and M&S food. So trips to visit her does involve a little bit of extra baggage. However she doesn't miss the weather or our transport system. Looks like the poll has more or less got it spot on.
Alan, Scotland, UK

I would miss the unpredictable weather
Annabel Burton, England

I would miss the unpredictable weather; it teaches me to make the most of opportunity when it comes rather than waiting for better times! I'd also miss the British seaside. Food wise, it has to be the different regional cheeses!
Annabel Burton, England

I used to do a lot of travelling in India and Pakistan and we always missed all foods English. Inevitably the constant diet of Indian food meal after meal took its toll. On one occasion a customer took pity on us and invited us to his home for dinner. His wife cooked Fried Egg and Chips, it was magnificent!
Simon Marsden, UK

I've been in Belgium for 3 years. I do miss a good curry, so when I'm back in the UK it's one of the first things I get! Decent bacon for a breakfast is another thing; lots of my expat friends also bring back about 2 kilo every time. I don't miss the (Scottish) weather, the whinging UK press, or British beer. Oh, and UK public transport. I miss that least of all!
Clark Campbell, Belgium

Despite being of Dutch nationality and having lived in the UK for most of my life, top on my list of things I miss is a good English breakfast with a copy of a Sunday newspaper. Secondly, I miss the TV - good documentaries, comedies etc. Lastly, I do miss the large variety of crisps on choice. As for chocolate, the quality of Swiss or Belgian chocolate is far from close to the British chocolate which has a low cocoa solids percentage.
Raoul, Barcelona, Spain

Sunday roast tops meal league
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