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Freed mother describes her ordeal
Angela Cannings
Angela Cannings' case sparked a review of cases in Scotland
A mother who was wrongly imprisoned over the deaths of her two babies, has said the ordeal may have damaged her family's lives irreparably.

Angela Cannings was cleared of killing her two baby sons when medical evidence was discredited.

She said: "Our lives were devastated and it could take a lifetime to put back - I can't forgive the system".

Speaking on BBC One's Breakfast programme, she said a new child death report had come "too late" for her.

She says "action" is needed to avoid further miscarriages of justice.

Rebuilding a family

Describing her initial feelings after leaving prison, Mrs Cannings said: "To be released and to back at home with Terry and Jade was brilliant.

"In the beginning I was not really aware that I had been released - I was in a state of shock", said Mrs Cannings.

Now she is coming to terms with her new life.

She said: "We are trying to learnt to become a family unit again, which is a struggle. We are taking it day by day.

"As the months are passing I am beginning to become angry and frustrated because what we have been through cannot happen again. It has to stop".

Mrs Cannings said a new report into the handling of child deaths had come "too late" for her, as well as others who had suffered a similar miscarriage of justice, such as Sally Clark and Trupti Patel .

How many more times does this have to happen before the authorities take note of what is happening to the families involved?
Angela Cannings

In April 2002 Mrs Cannings was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of her baby sons - seven-week-old Jason in 1991, and 18-week-old Matthew in 1999.

Part of the case against her was based on the evidence of retired paediatrician, Professor Sir Roy Meadow.

Mrs Cannings had always insisted that the babies were victims of cot death.

In December 2003 the Court of Appeal decided to overturn her murder conviction.

Mrs Cannings' experience led to reviews of cases in which children have been taken into care on the basis of disputed medical evidence.

"After everything that we have been through as a family, and many other families have been through, I feel that this report should have been issued years and years ago", said Mrs Cannings.

Mrs Cannings added: "Why don't the authorities speak to the families who have been through the trauma. What we have been through cannot happen again, it has to stop.

"Authorities take note - include the parents in the panels and the reports that are brought out.

"How many more times does this have to happen before the authorities take note of what is happening to the families involved?"

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