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Last Updated: Sunday, 29 August, 2004, 04:28 GMT 05:28 UK
Kelly's double victory celebrated
Delight is universal at the double triumph of Kelly Holmes in Athens.

The Sunday Telegraph calls her second gold medal "a glorious epilogue to the Greek miracle play".

The Sunday Times points out her victory was also one over bad luck, injury and disappointment, recalling how she left Atlanta's Games in 1996 on crutches.

Today, arms aloft, grinning like crazy, her picture is everywhere. "She's done it!", cries the Sunday Express, while the People dubs her "superBrit".

'Lost waif'

But Kelly Holmes' success cannot help but recall the still raw pain of Paula Radcliffe after her double failure.

The Independent on Sunday describes her sad exit from a city of broken dreams as "the face of the other side of the Olympics", likening her to a lost waif.

The papers also offer a cautionary tale for celebrities who think they can control the way the public sees them.

A new biography of Robbie Williams prompts stories in the Sunday Mirror and Daily Star about his sex life.

'Thick prat'

The plight of Sir Mark Thatcher finds none of the sympathy offered to Paula Radcliffe after her traumatic week.

"He certainly had it coming," says Richard Stott of the Mirror, describing the ex-prime minister's son as "an arrogant, rude, thick prat".

In the Independent, Janet Street Porter says news of his arrest was greeted with a "collective cry" of "result!"

It's left to Jonathan Aitken in the Mail on Sunday to stand up for Sir Mark "the generous friend, the devoted son".

Avenging fury

A new and harsh verdict on Prime Minister Tony Blair is offered by a former admirer, and former director general of the BBC, Greg Dyke.

Extracts from his memoirs fill pages in the Mail and the Observer.

Mr Dyke admits how excited he was by Mr Blair's arrival in power in 1997 - but when he clashed with him over Iraq "it struck me how naive I had been".

The Independent thinks Mr Dyke wants to let his critics feel "the full force of his avenging fury".

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