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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 April, 2004, 07:26 GMT 08:26 UK
Drink testing kit for rape drug
Drinks should not be left unattended
A new product is being launched for people to test their drinks to see if they have been spiked with drugs.

The matchbox-sized device is designed to detect the three drugs typically used in instances of drug rape.

The 3.95 Drink Detective contains three test pads to detect Rohypnol, GHB or ketamine, and a pipette for users to apply drops from their drinks.

A leading helpline received almost 1,000 cases last year and overall about 15% of reported victims are male.

The test is designed to detect the minimum amount of a drug needed to incapacitate the victim, according to makers Bloomsbury Innovations.

All traces of the offending drug will probably have left the system before they go to the police
Stanley Grossman
Bloomsbury Innovations
"For the perpetrator, drug rape is currently an almost risk-free crime," said Stanley Grossman, a director at the company.

"Victims become partially incapacitated and often have no memory of what occurred.

"Even if they do realise what happened, all traces of the offending drug will probably have left the system before they go to the police to seek help."

The Roofie Foundation, Britain's only specialised agency dealing with the issues surrounding drug rape and sexual abuse, received almost 1,000 reported cases to its helpline last year.

While it is principally seen as a danger to women, around 15% of the reported victims are men.

The Drink Detective will sell for 3.95 each in shops and vending machines and on the www.drinkdetective.com website.

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