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Terror attack booklet considered
Civil defence leaflet 1980
Advice issued in 1980 was criticised
An instruction booklet on how to cope in a terror attack could be sent to every home in Britain in a plan being considered by the government.

A Home Office spokeswoman said the idea was among many "communication" options.

In 1980 the Conservatives produced a booklet called Protect and Survive, on what to do in a nuclear attack.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens said a terror attack in London was "inevitable" but ministers have played down fears.

Concerns increased after last month's Madrid bombing, which killed 191 people, and the arrest of eight men on Tuesday under anti-terrorism laws.

Nuclear attack
Designate a fall-out room in the centre of your house
Stock 7 gallons of water for drinking and washing per person for 14 days
Use a large table for shelter and weigh down with heavy furniture filled with sand or books
Source: Civil defence leaflet

In response, the Home Office has been considering ways of getting information to the public.

A spokeswoman said the idea for a terror booklet was in the "melting pot".

She said: "We always keep an eye on the best way to communicate with the public. It is one of the options that governments have used in the past."

But she added there was no decision yet and would not be for a few weeks.

The Conservatives booklet by the Civil Defence on coping in a nuclear attack went on sale in 1980. It was widely criticised and lampooned at the time.

It included survival ideas such as a fall-out room and stocking food for 14 days.

It advised on fall-out sirens, how to find cover in the event of an attack and what types of food to stock.

People living in bungalows and caravans were advised to shelter with a neighbour and home owners were told to take down net curtains and paint windows to reflect heat flashes.

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