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Last Updated: Sunday, 28 March, 2004, 12:16 GMT 13:16 UK
William - 'Awesome' to ski again
Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, in the exclusive alpine resort of Klosters, in Switzerland
Klosters is the princes' favourite resort
Prince William has said it is "awesome" to be in the exclusive resort of Klosters, in Switzerland, where he is joining his father on a skiing trip.

The two years since their last visit were "too long", the 21-year-old added.

Asked who was the better skier, William pointed to Charles and said: "No competition. He is much better than me - but I give him a run for his money."

For the past three years, the princes' annual visit to their favourite resort has been cut short or cancelled.

Last year Charles cancelled the trip following his hernia operation, and in 2002 the princes headed home after just two days following the death of the Queen Mother.

They also pulled out of their 2001 skiing trip - to show solidarity with farmers during the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, in the exclusive alpine resort of Klosters, in Switzerland
William said he would give Charles "a run for his money"

William said even his younger brother, Prince Harry, who is on a gap year in southern Africa, was a better skier than him.

"He wishes he was here - I'm quite glad he's not, because it makes me look better," said William.

William does have several friends from St Andrews University with him in the small alpine village.

He said the third year of his geography course was going well and the university, which began its spring holiday on Friday, was "good fun".

William was looking forward to playing water polo for the Scottish national university squad, he said.

Ski guide

But the prince added: "I need a bit more training yet."

Charles is being joined by former Olympic skier Charles Palmer-Tomkinson and his wife Patti.

The prince arrived on Friday night and took to the Madrisa pistes on Saturday morning with his trusted ski guide Bruno Sprecher.

Charles had earlier visited the Red Cross headquarters in Geneva.

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