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Sunday, November 30, 1997 Published at 04:57 GMT


CJD victim in transplant mistake
image: [ CJD could be spread by the transplants ]
CJD could be spread by the transplants

Health officials in Scotland have begun an urgent inquiry into how tissue from a woman suffering from the human form of BSE was used in a number of transplants.

The 53-year-old woman, identified as Marion Hamilton, died of lung cancer, but a post mortem showed she also had Creutzfeld Jakob disease.

This information was not passed on to officials handling organ donor arrangements and parts of her eyes, including the corneas, were transplanted to two men and a woman.

[ image: The Scottish Office is holding an urgent inquiry]
The Scottish Office is holding an urgent inquiry
A spokesman from the Scottish Office said: "We are aware there is a potential infection risk from tissue retrieved from a patient in Scotland. We do not know the full facts, but we are making urgent inquiries into how this could have occurred."

Mrs Hamilton died in Strathcarron Hospice, in Denny, Central Scotland. She had three daughters and was separated from her husband. Before her death she signed a transplant agreement. Her corneas and sclera, the white of the eye, were given to three people.

The Scottish newspaper The Sunday Record reported that one of Mrs Hamilton's daughters said she was "outraged". The paper reported that she was not told the results of the post mortem, but remembers thinking of CJD in passing when her mother appeared to become increasingly senile before she died.

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