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Last Updated: Friday, 13 August, 2004, 03:39 GMT 04:39 UK
Inquiry call on 'miracle babies'
Pregnant woman
Children's charities fear a child-trafficking operation
There have been calls for a police inquiry following revelations in a BBC documentary suggesting babies are being trafficked from Kenya.

A UK-based evangelical religious movement leader claims he can create "miracle babies" for childless couples, the documentary has reported.

He says he can exorcise demons from women who have passed the menopause or who are infertile, it alleges.

The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has called for an investigation into the claims.

Children's charities say his actions are a front for baby-trafficking.

Backstreet clinics

The programme investigated Archbishop Gilbert Deya, who heads a rapidly expanding evangelical movement said to number about 36,000 UK members in Britain.

He said he helps women who are unable to conceive naturally by proclaiming them pregnant - after an exorcism.

He then sends them to the backstreet clinics of Nairobi's slums where they apparently give birth.

Although pregnancy tests and ultra sound scans have shown no presence of a baby, women who have used his services claim they have displayed all the visible signs of being pregnant.

Children's charities have said couples who desperately want a child are being taken in by a trafficking operation.

Archbishop Deya has denied this, saying women are going to Kenya with fat stomachs and coming back thin and with a baby.

The issue has come to a head because Kenyan authorities prevented a so called "miracle baby" from being allowed to leave for Britain, until DNA tests were carried out to establish its true parentage.

Face the Facts: Radio 4 Friday 13 August, 1230 BST.

John Waite, Radio 4's Face the Facts, and consultant
Patrick O'Brien discuss the Kenyan 'miracle baby' claims


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