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UK 'divided by regional poverty'
Homeless man
Only Mexico was worse than Britain in terms of regional inequality
The UK suffers from the second worst levels of regional poverty in the world, according to a report.

Figures released by the Child Poverty Action Group indicate only Mexico is worse than Britain in terms of regional inequality.

The report, Poverty: The Facts, says Wales is poorer than Great Britain as a whole.

It also says north-east England has an average annual income of almost 4,000 less than the rest of UK.

Co-author Doctor Paul Dornan said: "Poverty spreads across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

"The fact that of all industrial nations we are ranked as second to Mexico in terms of regional inequality is shocking."

The authors found every country and region has pockets of poverty.

Poverty facts
Wales is poorer than Great Britain as a whole
London has average income of 14,000 more than Scotland
North-east England's average annual income almost 4,000 less than rest of UK

London has an average income of 14,000 more than Scotland, while 32% of the worst areas of unemployment are in Glasgow, according to the report.

The figures also show one out of every three people living in inner London suffer from income poverty compared with one out of every five on the outskirts of the capital.

Child poverty is on the decline, the reports says.

But the authors say ethnic minority groups continue to experience high levels of poverty.

Figures show people from ethnic minority groups complete more job applications than white job seekers but fail to get as many interviews.

The unemployment rate for black graduates is also seven times higher than their white counterparts with the same qualifications, the report says.

In other areas, women are said to have lower rates of pay over their lifetime, and their work patterns are often interrupted due to caring for others.

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