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Last Updated: Sunday, 8 August, 2004, 06:36 GMT 07:36 UK
Alam breaks silence on FA affairs
Faria Alam
Sven-Goran Eriksson had an affair with Ms Alam
The woman who had affairs with England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson and FA boss Mark Palios has told her side of the story to two Sunday newspapers.

Faria Alam - who was reportedly paid 500,000 for her story - goes into graphic detail about the affairs.

But she also takes the opportunity to attack the Football Association for its handling of the situation.

Both the News Of The World and the Mail on Sunday carry interviews with Ms Alam who up until now has remained silent.

The scandal was not his (Eriksson's) affair with me, the scandal is how the FA set about covering it up
Faria Alam, in the News Of The World
Her relationship with Mr Palios, the FA's chief executive, led to his resignation a week ago.

Across a total of 14 pages the 38-year-old lifts the lid on her sexual encounters with both men, giving graphic details of their time together.

She told the Mail On Sunday that when she initially denied the affair with Mr Eriksson it was in the hope the story would fade away.

She says her advice to the England coach was to quit.

Ms Alam told the News of the World: "The scandal was not his (Mr Eriksson's) affair with me, the scandal is how the FA set about covering it up.

"That's why I have now resigned. My advice to Sven as someone who still really cares for him is to quit his job too."

Sarah Oliver, the Mail On Sunday journalist who interviewed Ms Alam, said her subject had spoken with Mr Eriksson's approval.

Faria Alam's story on the front page of the News Of The World and the Mail On Sunday
Both papers claimed to have "exclusive" stories

Ms Oliver told BBC Radio Five Live: "She spoke out with Sven's specific blessing, he knew she was doing it.

"He also feels that she has a right to put her side of the story, to correct some of the untruths that have been told about her.

"He also feels very strongly that what was done to her should be told truthfully."

Jules Stenson, assistant editor of the News of the World, would not confirm speculation that Ms Alam had been paid 500,000 for her story.

He told Five Live: "I can't go into figures but with the News of the World we pay for stories, we make no pretence about that.

"With a story as groundbreaking as this that the whole country wants to read then clearly we'll pay top dollar for it."

On Thursday Mr Eriksson was cleared of accusations he had misled the FA over his affair with Alam.

Mr Palios and FA communications director Colin Gibson resigned however, over the governing body's handling of the affair.

Sarah Oliver of the Mail on Sunday:
"She [Alam] feels the only people who are blameless in the whole affair are herself and Sven"

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