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Last Updated: Saturday, 7 August 2004, 14:50 GMT 15:50 UK
UK soldier killed in accident
Private Rayment
Pte Rayment was killed in a vehicle accident
A British soldier has been killed in a "tragic accident" in Iraq, bringing the troop death toll to 62 since war began.

Pte Christopher Gordon Rayment, 22, was killed at Amarah on 4 August, the Ministry of Defence said.

He came from London and was serving with the 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment.

His commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Maer praised him for his "irrepressible vigour, boisterous humour and infectious optimism."

He added that Pte Rayment "was also a tremendously committed and zealous soldier, who had shown considerable courage, self-discipline and the highest standards of professionalism over an exceptionally testing and hazardous period, whilst deployed on operations in southern Iraq."

The MoD said an investigation would be held into the death, but it was initially thought that the accident was called by the falling of a security barrier.

British troops are helping provide security in southern Iraq.

Major Ian Clooney earlier told the BBC that British forces were there to help the country move forward and that "confronting violence with further violence" was "not the way ahead".

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