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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 March, 2004, 11:22 GMT
Marge Simpson leads top mum poll
The Simpsons
People identified with Marge more than celebrities
Cartoon icon Marge Simpson has beaten a host of famous women to become the UK public's most respected mother.

The blue-haired matriarch with a brood of three animated children topped a Mothers' Union poll to find the best mother in public life.

Marge, who dispenses wise words such as 'A mother can always tell', received the accolade ahead of Mothering Sunday.

A quarter of the people asked said the Springfield character was the mother in public life they most admired.

Many people named their own mother as their top role model.

We're great fans of Marge
Reg Bailey,
Mothers' Union

But Marge, the fictional mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie and wife to doughnut-loving Homer Simpson, drew the widest support.

She came out ahead of television host Lorraine Kelley with 18%, Cherie Blair with 15% and ultimate footballer's wife Victoria Beckham with12%.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley came last of the top public figures, with 5% nominating her.

Victoria Beckham
Mother-of-two Victoria Beckham was also singled out for praise
The Mothers' Union is a charity dedicated to promoting marriage and family life.

Chief executive Reg Bailey said the success of the fictional character from the US television show came as no surprise.

"We're great fans of Marge. In so many ways, the other people mentioned in there seem to live lives that are so different to ordinary people.

"People identify with Marge as someone who's trying to do her best, as all mums do, for their families.

"Many people don't identify with the lives of people who are so in the public spotlight.

Guidance on sex

"But the reality is that those mums face, like every other, all the issues and uncertainties that surround being a parent.

The survey of 946 people comes ahead of Mothering Sunday this weekend.

It also found people thought it was more important for mothers to be loving, supporting and patient than a good cook.

A quarter of respondents said that, above everything else, they would have benefited most from guidance from their mothers about sex and relationships in general

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