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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 January, 2004, 15:54 GMT
Attack on fox hunter denied
Claims a fox hunt master was dragged from his horse and assaulted by protesters are being investigated by police.

The Countryside Alliance said 38-year-old Graeme Worsley, from East Grinstead, received hospital treatment after being assaulted by saboteurs.

But the Hunt Saboteurs Association has denied the claims.

Police were called after reports of a horse being pulled over backwards on Saturday in West Peckham, near Tonbridge, Kent.

Ambulance called

Mr Worsley said he was grabbed from behind and he and his horse pulled to the ground during a meeting of the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent Hunt.

He said he needed treatment for injuries to his face, jaw and throat.

But Nathan Brown from the Hunt Saboteurs Association said: "We see this as just a purely misleading statement and an attempt to give hunt saboteurs a bad name."

"In actual fact what was happening was a member of the hunt was trying to attack hunt saboteurs."

Mr Worsley said the association's claims were not true and said he would not be intimidated or bullied.

A Kent Police spokesman said an ambulance was called to the incident but there were no serious injuries.

No-one was arrested, but an allegation of assault was made by a member of the hunt, the spokesman said.

A Countryside Alliance spokesman said: "Yet again we see hunt saboteurs show total disregard for the welfare of people, young and old, but also animals as well."



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