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Last Updated: Saturday, 17 January, 2004, 02:11 GMT
Traffic wardens 'most irritating'
traffic warden in London
The RAC says motorists are confused about parking rules
Traffic wardens are the most hated profession, according to a survey published on Saturday.

They topped the list, but not far behind were bouncers, estate agents and motorcycle couriers.

The traffic wardens' low regard may have been increased by news that they are to be given new powers.

Under the Traffic Management Bill they would be able to fine drivers up to 100 for minor offences like jumping red lights or blocking junctions.

Traffic wardens
Estate agents
Motorcycle couriers
Bus drivers
Tele-sales reps
PR people
Reality TV show contestants

The government says the new legislation is designed to free up police to deal with more serious crimes.

But motoring organisation the RAC has warned that it will make traffic wardens even more unpopular.

It said more than a third of drivers have already argued with a parking attendant after getting a ticket.

Favourite workers

At the other end of the scale, those in the Armed Forces appeared to have the most respected job, according to the list compiled for Horlicks.

And in second place in the list of most admired profession is rescue volunteers, followed by nurses, vets, teachers, ambulance drivers, firefighters, care assistants, rugby players and police officers.

Radha Rajamohan, senior brand manager at Horlicks, said: "I imagine that if all the country's speed cameras had photographers hiding inside of the boxes, then they'd have ended up at the top of the list."

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