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Diplomatic service and overseas list

Harold Matthew Evans. For services to journalism.
Patrick Michael Leigh Fermor, DSO, OBE. For services to literature and to UK-Greek relations.


Michael Leo Haygarth Doyle. Director for Policy and Resources, GCHQ.


George Islay MacNeill Robertson Of Port Ellen. The Rt Hon Baron, lately secretary-General, NATO. (Scotland)

Michael Anthony Arthur, CMG. British High commissioner, New Delhi.
Judge David Alexander Ogilvy Edward, CMG. Lately Judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities.
John Adrian Fortescue, LVO. Lately director-General for Justice and Home Affairs, European Commission.
Michael Charles Wood, CMG. Legal Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Professor John Rex Beddington, FRS. For services to fisheries science and management, especially in the South Atlantic.
Professor Roger John Cashmore. For services to international co-operation in particle physics.
Edward Graham Mellish Chaplin, OBE. Director Middle East and North Africa, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Alastair Warren Crooke. For services to the advancement of the Middle East peace process.
Christopher Nigel Donnelly. Lately Special Adviser on Central and East European Affairs to the NATO secretary-General. Marvie Elton Georges, OBE. Deputy Governor, British Virgin Islands.
Miss Monica Celia Harper. HM Consul-General, Lille.
Peter Johnstone. Governor, Anguilla.
Iain Arthur Gray Mathewson. Counsellor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Simon Gerard McDonald. HM Ambassador, Tel Aviv.
Ronald Peter Nash, LVO. HM Ambassador, Kabul.
Terence Vasey. Chief executive, LEPRA, and lately president, InternationalFederation of Anti-Leprosy Associations.


His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV. For services to international development, especially in Asia and Africa, and to UK-French relations.
Timothy John Berners-Lee, OBE. For services to the global development of the internet.

The Hon Cyril Eugene Cox, JP, MP. Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, Bermuda.
Professor Arthur Alan Dashwood. For services to European law and to the Convention on the Future of Europe.
Dr Khalid Hameed. Chairman, Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council.
Nihal Vijaya Devadas Kaviratne. Chairman, Unilever Indonesia. For services to UK business interests and to sustainable development in Indonesia.
John Stephen Leggate. For services to the development of digital business processes.
Dr Terence John Quinn. Lately director, International Bureau of Weights and Measures.
Dr Malcolm Austin Rogers. Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. For services to the arts in the UK and the USA.
The Honourable James Montgomery Ryan, MBE, JP. Chief secretary, Cayman Islands.
Raymond James Wilson. Executive vice-president (Procurement), Airbus. For services to the UK aerospace industry

Christopher James Allison. For services to healthcare in developing countries.
Rajiv Ratnakar Bendre. Director Sierra Leone, British Council.
Ms Liliana Sztejnbis-Jafar Biglou. Director Ukraine, British Council.
Dr Carmen Elizabeth Blacker. For services to Japanese studies and UK-Japanese relations.
Christopher Ledwith Brown. Lately director West and South Europe, British Council.
Dr Donald Brownlie. For services to healthcare and rural development in Africa.
Col David Muir Burrill. For services to international security management.
Gordon Cameron. For services to the UK biotechnology industry in the USA.
Andrew Robert Cornell. First secretary, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Richard Arthur Cowley, MBE. For services to English language teaching in Uruguay and to UK-Uruguayan cultural relations. Stanley Arnold Crossick. Director and Founding chairman of the European Policy Centre.
Hamish St Clair Daniel. lately HM Ambassador, Dili.
Dr Hany Abdel Gawad El-Banna. President and Founder, Islamic Relief.
Miss Caroline Margaret Elliot. HM Consul-General, Chongqing.
Professor Malcolm David Evans. For services to the promotion of human rights, especially torture prevention and religious freedom.
Irene (Mrs Paterson-Hesford) Findlay. Senior Adviser on social services, Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad.
Martin John Fuggle. For services to financial services regulation, especially in Gibraltar.
Richard Curtis Fursland. For services to British business interests in the USA.
Ms Maria Adela Anna Gooch Galvez. For services to UK-Spanish relations.
Guy Mervin Charles Green. For services to the UK film industry in the USA.
Professor Andrew Frederic Wallace-Hadrill. Director, British School at Rome. For services to UK-Italian cultural relations.
Ms Louise Jane Harvey, MVO. For services to British business interests in Belgium.
David John Sinclair Hepburn. For services to UK-Mongolian relations.
Mrs Anne Voase Coates Hickox. For services to film editing in the USA.
Peter Hoggins. Lately head, British International School, Jakarta.
Gareth Hughes. For services to British business interests in Peru.
Keith Pellow Jenkins. Lately director, Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches.
Arek Victor Joseph. For services to the community, Cayman Islands.
Timothy Kaunov. For services to British business interests in Ukraine.
Anthony Kennedy. Chief executive, Co-operation Ireland.
Ms Katharine Maria Lee. Director, Great Britain-China Centre.
Dr Rabbi Abraham Levy. For services to inter-faith co-operation.
The Honourable Stanley William Lowe, JP, MP. Speaker, House of Assembly, Bermuda.
John Bannerman Macpherson. Counsellor, British Embassy Stockholm.
Dr Zulfikar Masters. For services to international trade.
Robin Inglis McConnachie. For services to financial services regulation, especially in Hungary.
Professor Dawud Olatokumbo Shittu Noibi. For services to inter-faith co-operation.
Ms Ursula Margaret Owen. Editor-in-chief, Index on Censorship. For services to the promotion of human rights.
Martin John Kilburn Rickerd, MVO. Lately Deputy head of Mission and HM Consul, British Embassy Abidjan.
Peter John Tullis Sanday. For services to architectural heritage conservation and training, especially in Cambodia and Nepal.
Mrs Elizabeth Jean Smith. Secretary-General, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association.
Ronald Thomas Stones, MBE. Head, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.
Peter John Le Sueur. For services to de-mining, especially in Afghanistan.
Allan Charles Thornton. President, Environmental Investigation Agency. For services to the protection of wildlife and the environment.
James John Walker. For services to exports.
Miss Iris Williams. Singer. For services to music and charitable causes.
John Anthony Bernard Wotton. For services to UK-Singapore relations in the healthcare sector.

Miss Moira Allan. Second secretary, British Embassy Bogota.
Miss Lesley Beats. Lately Personal assistant, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Mrs Diana Mary Beckley. For services to UK-Serbia and Montenegro relations.
Peter Lewis Beckley. For services to UK-Serbia and Montenegro relations.
David John Braithwaite. For services to UK-Indonesian relations in the oil and gas sector.
James Alan Bruce. Second secretary, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Mrs Annabel Audrey Buchan. Co-ordinator, Anita Goulden Charity. For services to disadvantaged children in Peru.
Mrs Catherine Ingrid Buffonge. For services to health education and the community, Montserrat.
Ms Gwendolyn Trixie Burchell. Director, United Aid for Azerbaijan. For services to special education in Azerbaijan.
Michael Anthony Burns. For services to UK-Irish relations.
Alexander George Lewis Chippendale. For services to the British and local communities in El Salvador.
Paul Graham Cleves. For services to disadvantaged children in Vietnam.
Dr Robin Cooper. For services to the British community in Uruguay.
James Graham Crawford. For services to British education and the British community in the United Arab Emirates.
Mrs Heather Cuff. For services to prison reform, British Virgin Islands.
Ms Barbara Jill Davidson. For services to the education of blind children in Sierra Leone.
Paul Michael Dixon. Vice-Consul, British Consulate-General, Bordeaux.
Ms Thelma Beatrice Dixon. UN Procurement Officer, British Consulate-General, New York.
Mrs Virginia Harriette Anne Felton. Lately UK Project director, British American Project. For services to UK-USA relations.
Mrs Catherine Joan Francis. Lately Personal assistant to HM Ambassador, Jakarta.
Ms Fiona Mary Frazer. Lately Senior Human Rights Officer, OSCE Mission, Mostar.
Richard John Michael Garcia. For public service, Gibraltar.
Mrs Lauren Elaine Grey. Management Officer and Consular Attache, British High Commission, St. Georges.
The Rev Margaret Jean Guillebaud. For services to the promotion of national unity and reconciliation in Rwanda.
Albert Spencer Hamilton. Founder and director, Commonwealth Sports Awards.
David Maxwell Harvey. Lately First secretary, British Government Office, Baghdad.
Edward William Hefferman. For services to ex-service men and women in Germany and to UK-German relations.
Miss Jeanne Katherine Henny. Artistic director, Mayer-Lismann Opera Centre.
For services to UK-Hungarian cultural relations.
Philip Arthur Jago. For services to environmental development in Egypt.
Carl Gwynfe Jones. For services to the preservation of endangered species in Mauritius.
Adrian Leonard Knott. For services to education and music in Belgium.
Gerhard Michael Landmark. For services to ex-service men and women in Swaziland.
Russell Keith Law. Director, British International School, Jedda.
Mrs Christine Elaine Lindemann. Vice-Consul, British Embassy Berlin.
Mrs Lorna Angela Martins. For public service, Cayman Islands.
Mrs Connie May. For services to the community, especially the elderly, in the Falkland Islands.
Mark Andrew McGuinness. Lately Third secretary and vice-Consul, British Embassy Abidjan.
Miss Naheed Nurudin Mehta. Lately First secretary, attached to Coalition Provisional Authority, Baghdad.
Mrs Anne Pattinson Moore. For services to libraries in deprived areas in Papua New Guinea and Kenya.
David Parker. For services to the British and local communities in Liberia.
Ian Hedley Pearson. Manager, British Council Peacekeeping English Project, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Miss Jean Christina Peters. For services to nursing and the community, St. Helena.
Edwin Donald Pyman. For services to agriculture, the environment and the community in Malawi.
Peter Sean Raines. Managing director, Coral Cay Conservation. For services to the preservation of biodiversity.
Miss Irma Elizabeth Richardson. For services to the community, Anguilla.
The Rev Canon Donald Ruddle. For services to the British community and to prisoners in Northern France.
Mrs Mary Thomany. For services to the British community in Germany.
John Edmund Troop. Second secretary, Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Mrs Kathleen May Tunsley. Vice-Consul, British Consulate-General Boston.
Christopher Gilbert Vigar. For services to British business interests in Luxembourg.
Barry Peter Walker. Honorary Consul, Cusco, Peru.
Nigel John Watt. For services to the promotion of national reconciliation in Burundi.
Mrs Gillian Elizabeth Wight. For services to disabled people in Indonesia.
Dr Ester Merle Swan Williams. For services to the community, Bermuda.
Mrs Pamela Winfield. Founder of the Transatlantic Children's Enterprise (TRACE). For services to the reunification of families in the UK and USA.



Inventor of the world wide web, Tim Berners-Lee Sir WWW
Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the world wide web, is knighted

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Other awards




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