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Last Updated: Saturday, 20 December, 2003, 05:38 GMT
'Ghost' caught on palace camera
Security film of Hampton Court Palace
Security guards spotted a figure in period dress
Security film at Hampton Court Palace has captured a ghostly image.

CCTV cameras picked up the vision at the 16th Century Surrey palace, which has a reputation for being haunted.

Security guards spotted that fire doors kept opening in an exhibition area, and on one occasion checked the footage and saw a figure in period dress.

"I thought someone was having a laugh but our costumed guides don't own a costume like that. It is actually quite unnerving," said warder James Faukes.

"It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human," he said.

State apartment warder Ian Franklin added: "Someone who appears to be in a full cloak walks forward, brings one door in, another door in and then closes it behind them.

Hampton, BBC
Hampton Court has seen many dramatic royal events

"It is really difficult to come up with a rational explanation for it."

Even before the security film was checked a visitor had noted in the palace's visitor book that she thought she had seen a ghost in that area

The palace, a home of King Henry VIII, has seen many dramatic royal events, from the death of Henry's third wife, Jane Seymour, to the condemnation and house arrest of his fifth, Catherine Howard, for adultery.

Staff, visitors, workmen and residents have reported seeing Catherine's ghost and heard her uttering terrible cries in an area of the palace called the Haunted Gallery.

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