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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 December, 2003, 13:59 GMT
Tributes paid to Soham inquiry team
Ian Huntley denies murder
Huntley murdered 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman
The detective in charge of the Soham murder case has thanked the investigation team for it "painstaking" work carried out in "distressing and difficult circumstances."

In a statement given outside the Old Bailey, Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson said Ian Huntley had done everything in his power to evade capture.

He said that in the days the girls were missing - with the help of a false alibi from his former girlfriend Maxine Carr - "he must have thought he would get away with it".

Of Carr the detective said: "She will carry that with her conscience for the rest of her life."

Perhaps one day he might demonstrate a sliver of humanity and explain why he did what he did on that terrible day last August
Det Ch Supt Chris Stevenson

He thanked Jessica and Holly's parents for their support of the investigating team.

"Their fortitude, patience and dignity has been truly remarkable.

"I'd like to place on record my thanks to them for their unstinting support in the face of such adversity," he said.

The detective then paid tribute to the "tireless" work of officers from local and national forces and from specialist units, and to international experts, and the media team.

He also thanked the prosecution QC Richard Latham and his colleagues for their "consummate skill" in winning a double murder conviction.

Det Ch Supt Stevenson that Huntley had committed one of the most "wicked crimes imaginable".

He said Huntley had consistently refused to speak to police and by his actions forced the Chapman and Wells families to endure the ordeal of a trial.

Huntley failed to convince the jury of his "implausible" version of events, and only he knew why he had killed Holly and Jessica, said the detective.

"Perhaps one day he might demonstrate a sliver of humanity and explain why he did what he did on that terrible day last August," he said.

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