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Previous allegations against Huntley
Ian Huntley
Huntley was known to the police
Ian Huntley had numerous contacts with Humberside Police well before he was arrested for the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

It would suggest that a pattern of Huntley being linked with allegations of sexual offences had begun long before he went to Soham.

August 1995: Underage sex
A joint investigation by police and social services takes place following a complaint that Huntley was having sex with a 15-year-old-girl. The girl admits she was having sex with Huntley. Police decide not to pursue the matter in accordance with her wishes.

15 November 1995: Burglary
Huntley is alleged to have broken into a house in Grimsby via the loft of the next door house. He and an accomplice are said to have stolen electrical goods, jewellery and a small amount of cash. Huntley is arrested and charged with burglary in March 1996 which he admits. The case goes to court and is ordered to lie on file.

March 1996: Underage sex
Another complaint to social services that Huntley is having a sexual relationship with an underage girl. The girl denies the allegation. Social services say this was the only case in which the police are not involved.

April 1996: Underage sex
Another 15-year-old, another alleged underage sexual relationship. The mother of the girl brings the matter to the attention of her school and social services are alerted. Social services exchange information with the police, but the family does not wish to involve the police and no further action is taken.

May 1996: Underage sex
Another joint police and social services investigation, this time into allegations that Huntley had had sex with a 13-year-old girl. The girl denies sex had taken place. Supported by her mother she refuses to have a medical examination. In spite of the previous incident with the 15-year-old the police do not interview Huntley.

April 1998: Rape
Huntley is arrested after a woman claimed he had raped her. She met Huntley at a nightclub, they shared a taxi home and went back to her house. The alleged victim did have a medical examination. Huntley admits they had sex but claimed it was consensual. The police took the view there was not enough evidence to take the matter any further.

May 1998: Rape charge
Another woman claims Huntley raped her while she was walking home from a nightclub. She said Huntley attacked her in an isolated spot and threatened to kill her. Huntley again claims the sex was consensual. Huntley is charged with rape. After viewing CCTV footage from the nightclub, the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was no chance of a conviction and dropped the case.

July 1998: Indecent assault
A young girl claims she was subject to a serious indecent assault by a man called Ian 10 months before, when she was 12 years old. Huntley, who was living in her street at the time is arrested and denies the allegation.

Huntley had been living in a caravan with his then 15-year-old girlfriend - she was away that day. The 10-year-old told police he threatened her with pressure points saying he was an expert in martial arts, he had his hands round her neck and told her if she told anybody he would kill her.

She was interviewed but Humberside Police decided not to proceed with the case. The girl has suffered psychologically since that time. Social services are also involved in this case.

February 1999: Rape
A 17-year-old girl alleges that Huntley had raped her in February after meeting him at a night club. She had met him before and Huntley claimed the sex was consensual. The police decided there was not enough evidence to proceed.

July 1999: Rape
A woman is raped and Huntley was interviewed because of his previous behaviour. He was by this time using the name Nixon. He supplied a DNA sample and had an alibi provided by Maxine Carr. The woman subsequently said Huntley was not the rapist. This case was different in that in all the others the victims named or identified Huntley.

The BBC's Niall Dickson
"Ian Huntley was not what he seemed"

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