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Thursday, April 29, 1999 Published at 13:44 GMT 14:44 UK


Jill Dando tributes III

I have watched and enjoyed many of Jill's programs over the years. I feel sickened and saddened to hear that the world has lost a very sweet, charming person who will very much missed by the general public who she served. My feelings and prayers go out to the family and her fiancé.
Mark Roy, France

She was a great presenter with a relaxed and caring attitude which will be very sadly missed from our screens.
Robert Buckley, Derbyshire, UK

Jill Dando 1961 - 1999

All I had in common with Jill was a shared birthday, but it felt like a lot more, such was her enormous appeal. When I saw the news of Jill's tragic death it really felt like Princess Diana all over again. Jill will be missed by many the world over.
Robert Leslie, Japan

This is sad news to hear about Jill Dando. Greatest sympathy to the family and friends.
Claire Crosby, Manchester, UK

I would like to say that Jill's death is a tragedy to her friends, family and the whole world. I would like to send my condolences.
Guy Botterill, Cornwall

This is a tragedy, my thoughts go out to her family, friends and work colleagues. Losing someone you love and respect is the one of the hardest things we will ever have to deal with. When that loved person is lost in such a brutal way it's hard to understand. God bless Jill's memory and her family at this emotional time.
Rachel Rollings, Manchester

A sad loss for all of Britain and a blow to decent society.
Mahmoud Giyahchi, London

There is only one word which can attempt to describe this tragedy: evil. How can anyone take the life of such a beautiful and talented person? My thoughts and prayers are with her family, colleagues and all those throughout the country who felt touched by her work.
Tracey Carter, London, UK

A natural and talented lady, who has been denied the joys of marriage and motherhood. My heart goes out to her fiancé and family.
Norina Kanaan, Lymm, UK

I would just like to say, how sad and shocked I am that such a lovely lady was killed before her ultimate happiness of being married. How dare an individual take that away from such a kind, bright and gifted presenter. Condolences to her family and friends.
Natalie Potter, Leicester, UK

Just as she had found true happiness in her life, it was tragically taken away from her. May she rest in peace.
Annette Österberg, London, UK

We shall always remember Jill Dando for her super pleasant personality, sharp presentation and keen sense of wonder and fun on the Holiday programme (BBC World). She'll be in our hearts in all the beautiful places we reach, even from our armchairs. Life must surely be a journey, otherwise it makes no sense _ our thought s and prayers join millions of others for her and her family.
Nig and Samia Goddard, Bahrain

What can we say but sorry for her family and friends. Her personal touch came across the screen to all of us.
Muriel Todd, Laura Neill, Belfast, N Ireland

I watched Jill when I was a child as she appeared on Spotlight, and I was always pleased to see a West Country girl do so well and "represent" the West Country all over the UK. As a Cornish lass that means a lot and she was something to be very proud of. She'll be missed and remembered. My thoughts are with her family and fiancé. I became engaged last month and know how I would feel to lose my fiancé. God bless.
Louise Nicholson, UK

What a sad and tragic loss, what a waste of a good life. My deepest sympathies to all of her family and her fiancé.
Nicola Johnson, Newcastle, UK

Please praise Jennie Bond for her special news report after the 1pm news yesterday. I feel sure she must have been as devastated as the rest of us, but coolly and calmly read the words no-one wanted to hear. I still can't believe it's really true. One wonders what we have to do in the eyes of God to remain on this planet. My seven-year-old daughter on hearing the news of Jill's death said, "Oh mum that's Jill Dando, oh I like her and that programme she does. Don't worry mum I'm sure they'll get someone just as nice to do it." Our hearts go out to her fiancé and her family in Weston. We'll miss you Jill.
The Reynolds Family, North Lincolnshire, UK

A light has gone out at the BBC. Your programmes will never be the same. How can such charm, beauty and dignity be taken away so cruelly? You'll never know how much we will miss you. You will be forever in our hearts.
Juliette Hughes, St.Albans, UK

I simply want to add a salute to her vivacious personality, which will be sadly missed.
Mr Alan Houston, Belfast, N. Ireland

Jill had such a natural talent at making people feel at ease. No falseness or looking down at people. The world is a much poorer place without her in it. I was totally shocked. It's hard to explain.
Bob Torley, Coventry

What a sad waste of a wonderful life.
Dawn Hughes, Dover, UK

Such a sad loss of the nicest face on TV. Her lovely personality will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Jill.
David Craig, Belfast, N Ireland

I felt that Jill was one of the good guys. She always had a smile on her face. I was devastated at this news and it has only just sunk in.
Andrea Haines, UK

Untimely, horrific and unfair. Even though I did not follow her work avidly, I feel a sense of loss and shock as when Princess Di died. Jill was young, hoping to marry and have children; her murderer has taken not only her life, but her and her family's dreams. I find myself welling up with tears and asking only one question - WHY?
Carol Grainger, Hertfordshire, UK

Our deepest sympathies to Jill's fiancé and family. A tragic loss to the world.
Julie, Lori, Donna and Myra, Coatbridge, Scotland

I will miss Jill, the heart of British television.
Mina and Frankie, aged 11, Exeter, UK

Isn't it amazing how one person has the power to touch the hearts of so many people? Jill Dando was a face I got to know and love over the years watching BBC World transmissions here in Germany. For an expatriate like me she was a wonderfully warm link with "home" and represented all the very best qualities of British journalism and broadcasting. The last time I was moved in a similar way was when Brian Redhead died. She will be sorely missed.
Dr Alexander Hall, Germany

We did not know her personally, however we know of all her good deeds and charity. It seems sad that the good people are always targeted, such as Diana Princess of Wales. Our thoughts go out to her family and all of those who knew her and were close to her, especially her fiancé. We will all sadly miss her in Gloucester.
Donna and Darrell, Gloucester, UK

As a second year Media student, at Barnsley College, I happened to catch the end of a hurried message regarding Jill Dando. I was led to believe that an attempt had been made on her life but was astonished to hear that she had died. As someone who has the determination and drive to make a career in the media, I feel a great degree of loss that I shall not, now, have the privilege of working with such a well known and well loved presenter as Ms Dando. Over the past few weeks, I have been making a film about the passing of Diana, Princess of Wales, for a college project. In it I chose to focus on how the general public heard about her death rather than look at the incident itself. What surprises me is the similarities that Diana and Jill seem to share. Similar ages, appearence and personalities. Why is it that all the talented people seem to have desperately short lives? It still hasn't quite sunk in about Jill. I didn't think that I would feel quite so shocked about a television personality's passing. Thank you for giving me space to tell some one of my feelings and to say that my thoughts are with Jill's family at this time.
John-Martin Jackson

Jill will be missed by all of us, she was a most gifted lady who brought happiness and joy into many people's lives.
Alexander Ujah, East Sussex, UK

We are very shocked to hear of Jill Dando's tragic death. Why would anyone want to do this? She was a warm and professional presenter that will be sadly missed.
Jeroen Roetert and Wil V D Vuurst, The Netherlands

A truly beautiful person. My sincere condolences to her friends and family. She will be deeply missed.
J. Kerry, Kent, UK

Was deeply shocked when I heard the news. How can such a terrible thing like this happen to such a wonderful woman? I really hope they get whoever did it, but most of all I hope that justice will be served and when he is caught will be put away for life. My sympathies to all her friends and family.
Robin Van Dunk, Netherlands

What a sad day in such a sad world. Our thoughts and condolences are extended to all Jill's family. May she rest in peace.
The Schaffer Family, UK

It's so very sad. You always felt that you got the "real" Jill on the programmes - she would have been the same if she was working in a shop or anywhere. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and colleagues but mostly to her future husband. So much taken away so quickly. God bless.
Gillian Potter and Brian Merrigan, Manchester, UK

Such sad and tragic news, of a lady who gave us a touch of class on our televisions. There seems to be so much sad shocking news in the world. Your death will make our world a poorer place.
Charles Walker, London, UK

We always used to always watch her on TV, and enjoy the way she was always smiling. It is a real shame that something like this could ever happen. It truly is a sad day for us all. I send all of my condolences to her family.
Ben Locke, London, UK

I am 57-years-old and never previously in my life have I felt the need to pick up a phone to share my sense of loss at the death of someone I have not met. I am not ashamed to say that I had to pick up the phone to share my grief and she who answered was grieving with me. It was my Mum, aged 82. As someone who works in the mass media, all I can say is that I have never heard a bad, or even a negative, word said about Jill. Not even from sound technicians. If you can convince the people on the end of the mike, you're there. And she was. Her great gift was that she seemed to be of flesh and blood. On the flat telly screen she was three-dimensional. TV presenters come and go, but Jill will never go from the minds from anyone who saw her. Jill illuminated our lives, not through position, but because she made every viewer seem that she was speaking to us directly. And while we were watching we didn't want to be addressed by anyone else. Thank you for allowing me to express my sorrow.
Dr Mike Lawrence, Chichester, UK

We were devastated to hear this incredibly sad news. Our thoughts are with her family and friends from all walks of life. She shall be sadly missed by all.
Richard and Caroline Forsyth, Australia

My husband and I are absolutely shocked and appalled at such a terrible tragedy. Our sincere condolences to all her family and colleagues.
Melissa Hogger, Sussex, UK

Yet again, another tragic and senseless waste of life. Our thoughts are with her fiancé, family and friends. May she rest in peace.
S. Ibrahim, Middlesex, UK

To Jill's family: my deepest sympathies. Jill was the girl we all wanted to know, in fact we thought we knew her. Her personality shone through, whatever programme she was presenting. I can't understand what sort of sick person could do this, to take a young woman's life, just when she had found personal happiness and was at the peak of her career.
Joanna Etheridge, UK

We just could not believe the news. Jill was like a part of our family. A delightful person. She will be missed by the whole country. Our deepest sympathy to her family and colleagues.
The Jefferys Family, High Wycombe, UK

A true loss, not just for her future husband and for the BBC, but for the whole nation. A model of professionalism and a true inspiration to millions who want to aspire to greatness and diligence. Even though I'm male I know that she has done so much to dispel the myth that women cannot flourish with hard work in what is termed 'a man's world'.
Andrew Rees, Swansea, UK

Jill, thank you for all the good and lovely times you gave us. You will be missed! Goodnight and God Bless!
Harris J Possible and family, Lancashire, UK

What can I say that hasn't already been said about Jill. It's a sad turn of events when even the most universally loved in Britain can be the victims of such appalling brutality. Personally, I will miss the rays of sunshine and warmth that she brought to my life every time I watched the Holiday programme. All my most heart-felt condolences go to her family and to all those who came to know and love her even better than I.
Mark Bennett, Nottingham, UK

I do not understand why such a lovely lady was murdered outside her own house in broad daylight. She was a great person and was about to get married. I cannot comprehend why she was murdered. I just hope that they manage to find the individual who committed the crime. This will never bring her back, but perhaps it will let us understand why she was killed. Britain has lost another treasure. First Diana now Jill. We will all miss her terribly.
Mark Armstrong, Reading, UK

As a South Devon resident who watched Jill first on local TV and followed her career to national fame, I can only say that such a lovely person will be missed so very much. Yesterday was a tragic day for all of us. My thoughts are with all her family and friends.
Mark Faircloth, Devon, UK

Although Jill was a true professional and an obvious star of television, she always appeared very genuine, kind hearted and fun loving. You felt that you knew her and would have been happy to have her as a friend. It's a tragic loss and I only hope that her killer is caught and receives the justice that they deserve.
Mark Rouvray, Surrey, UK

We were both shocked and saddened - as were my colleagues at work. She was the first face you think of associating with the name BBC. She brought that sunshine into our homes from the holiday programmes and an acute intelligence from the news and Crimewatch programmes. Things cannot be the same after Jill. That someone would target her is terrifying and sickening. I hope they are caught soon - for Jill's sake, for those who were near her, as well as for whoever this person might target next.
Mark and Diane Bailey, Didcot, UK

I am today totally and utterly devastated by the news that I received earlier on this evening. I spent some time in England last year and even in the brief period I spent there, it was clear that Ms Dando was a special character who exuded warmth and charisma as well as a level of genuine humility so rarely seen in people as well known. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at what must be an utterly unbearable time and also with your police force in their efforts to bring the person responsible for this heinous act to justice.
Nicole Edwards, Australia

As I am in Spain, my mum told me about the tragic murder of Jill Dando last night and I went cold. Having such a warm and beautiful face on our televisions on a cold winter's evening brightened up the day. My prayers and thoughts go out to all at the BBC and all those who have worked with her, but most of all to her friends and family who have been robbed of a wonderful genuine person. Goodnight Jill and thank you.
Anna Philip, Spain

Jill's radiance has touched so many people, and I hope that in her lifetime she also received back the positive, genuine things that she gave so freely to the rest of the world. What a sad loss - but what a gift she was in the brief time she was allowed amongst us.
Esther, UK

To lose a 'friend' through a tragic accident is bad enough, but to have that life forcibly removed by the hands of another is incomprehensible. My thoughts go out to her loved ones.
Clare Pollard, UK

It was such a shock to discover that Jill has been taken from us. It's more than obvious that she was a dedicated, professional journalist, a natural in front of the camera, and a truly sincere and warm person who remained down-to-earth despite her fame. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to her fiancé, whose happy future in marriage has been so brutally stolen, and to her family and friends for their tragic loss. Rest in peace, Jill, and may we not rest until we see this heinous criminal caught for what he has done to you.
Elle, UK

She probably did more for the UK leisure travel industry than anyone since Thomas Cook. My abiding memory was of her standing on the ramparts of Cartagena Des Indies, Colombia. It inspired me to visit what is one of the most exotic cities in the world and it was there that I proposed to my future wife. My deepest sympathy to her family and her fiancé.
Keith Otto, Scotland

Complete shock came over me at the tragic news. Working at the BBC I was fortunate to meet many stars, but Jill was a genuinely warm person off screen with a lovely sense of humour, most notably when she did a Children In Need sketch with fellow news presenters.
I first met Jill after her first national shift for TV News in April 1988 and remember that she popped down to the office for a chat, hairbrush in hand! Our paths crossed occasionally over the next decade and I followed her meteoric rise with interest and admired the way she could present all kinds of programmes.
It was always lovely to see Jill as she would always greet you warmly and have a chat - there were no airs and graces. I last saw Jill in October at the National Television Awards and we talked briefly about the proposed changes to news presentation and she didn't know what the future held but she was positive about the future and looked so happy on the arm of Alan. I asked whether she would mind having a photo together for old times' sake and she gladly agreed, putting her arm round me. I will treasure that photo and the memory of a lovely person who had so much to look forward to, both personally and professionally. She will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with Alan, her family and her colleagues.
Paul Jackson, UK

I am devastated by this news. I have met Jill briefly three times over as many years at awards ceremonies. Beautiful, intelligent, but above all else sincere she was totally unaffected by the trappings of her fame. She was for me a perfect woman and so in control of her life. I was devastated by this meaningless waste of such a wonderful person, who talked with me and my wife as if we were friends, even though she had never met us before. Her life ahead was so full of promise and I was happy for her that at last she seemed to be settling down to the joys of marriage and a normal life. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
Dominic Jessop, UK

I met Jill Dando on one of her Holiday Programme trips to Barbados when she came to the airport for her flight. She addressed me by name as I was wearing a name-tag. I found her so down-to-earth and very warm for a person of such a high stature. I feel so deeply saddened by her tragic and senseless death and hope that the police find her killer quickly. I can only imagine the pain that Miss Dando's loved ones are going through and my sympathy go out to them. May she rest in peace.
Ana Harvey, UK

I have just heard of the death of your news and travel presenter Jill Dando with great sadness. I shall miss her natural style of delivering news and her so natural manner. My sympathy goes out to all her friends and family.
Another Jill Dando Admirer, Maurice Miller, UK

A beautiful woman in every sense, it is a tragedy that she has been robbed of life in such a despicable way. Jill will be missed terribly by the whole nation, and our thoughts are with her family and friends.
Alistair McFadyen, Scotland

In a world where there are so many dreadful happenings, people like Jill Dando are necessary to remind everyone of the basic decency and kindness of the human spirit. She was always someone who made you feel good just listening to her open-hearted good nature. When someone like Jill is taken away in such a dreadful senseless act it is enough to make one despair. My deepest sympathy goes to her family, friends and colleagues on the loss of one of the media's most loveable people.
Brian Fargher, UK

Jill Dando was one of the country's finest TV presenters, her bubbly personality and true professionalism will be greatly missed. A tragic end to a great life, a life that brightened all of ours.
Jon Kirk, UK

My young daughters knew Jill as the holiday lady. My wife always signed her 'e' mails to me, from 'Nearly Jill'. Colleagues near to me are numb - even we have to ask ourselves why? We'll all miss her. I'll miss her.
Neil Butchers, Chief Inspector, Surrey Police

I met Jill Dando just over two years ago when I was the Appeals Director for a national charity.
Everyone connected with the charity was tremendously excited that Jill was planting a rose for our centenary, especially our chairman, an old-Etonian who awaited her arrival in an uncharacteristic fever of anticipation. Jill was friendly, gorgeous and completely natural. She wanted no special fuss made, she did what was asked, posed for a long list of photographs, showed interest and left quietly, declining our offer of transport.
The photos, needless to say, were stunning and much appreciated by the charity's supporters.
I was devastated to hear that such a vibrant, delightful person had been killed outside her own home. It is beyond reason that anyone would want to take Jill's life. She brought joy and pleasure into all our homes and I for one will not forget her.
Please convey my grief and sympathy to Jill's family and friends.
Hilary Watt, UK

Jill will always be remembered as a fantastic broadcaster. Everyone here at the radio station still can't believe it. Our thoughts are with her family at this dreadful time.
Simon Osborne, Mercury FM

As an American who has been living in London, I have always felt much safer in this country than I did in my own - perhaps because gun crimes are so much rarer over here. When walking through the streets of Covent Garden yesterday I witnessed the shock, horror and disbelief of almost every Brit that walked past the news stand with the sign "Jill Dando is Murdered". I realised then one of the most significant cultural gaps between our nations -crimes like this don't happen in England as frequently as they do in the States and people here cannot and will not get over devastating crimes like this one. Jill Dando has made an immense and positive impact on the British community - it's a terribly, terrible shame that her life had to end so soon and so tragically.
Suzanne O'Leary, UK

You were well loved by all and every one of us. You will be sadly missed.
Great Wyrley High School, Walsall, UK

A lovely, radiant, bubbly lady who will be very sadly missed. She was a joy to watch on television. What a dreadful shame she wasn't able to fulfil her dream of being a wife and mother. She had such a lot to live for.
Laura Beales, UK

I think she was very good and enjoyed watching her on holiday and news and I was very sad.
Michael Smith aged 13 years old, UK

What a terrible, senseless waste of life. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain her family must be feeling, but felt quite humble when I saw her brother speaking about Jill (on yesterday's early evening news) in such a calm and dignified manner.
My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Mark, The Netherlands

Jo, London

Of Jill Dando's many qualities I shall remember two most fondly - the informal immediacy of the way in which she engaged her viewers, and the beautiful sound of her voice. A tragic and cruel loss, my heartfelt sympathies go to her family and to her fiancé.
Mark Harvey, Preston, Lancashire

To lose someone as kind, giving, and as special as Jill Dando is a terrible shock. The manner in which she left us makes this tragic event even less comprehensible. My deepest sympathy goes to all those who knew her personally, for whom this must be an irreconcilable loss. She will be remembered with affection by millions.
Richard Salsbury, UK

On behalf of all the members of the Cheshire Constabulary Press and PR Department, we would like to express our sincerest and heart-felt sorrow at the tragic loss of Jill Dando.
Everybody within the police service acknowledges and appreciates the commitment and dedication shown by Jill through the Crimewatch programme. Her continuously professional, focused and compassionate presentation of the issues raised, helped lift the profile of police work considerably.
It is obvious that her approach to the subject contributed greatly in encouraging the public to have the confidence and courage to tackle issues of crime.
She will be sorely missed.
Brenda Cowling, Jacqui Hanson, Ivor Lewis, Alan Creevy, Jane Gregory and Mark Sinclair, Cheshire Constabulary Press and PR Office

My colleagues and I are absolutely appalled by this tragedy. Jill was a lovely person who gave us all so much pleasure with the holiday programmes and the recent Antique Inspectors.
Our deepest sympathy goes to her fiancé, her family and all those that were lucky to call her their friend.
Mandy Jefferies, Russia

I work for The Plaza Suite in Chelsea, a television postproduction company, and all of us here feel this tragedy is very close to us. I personally worked with Jill on a couple of occasions and am so sad that this monstrous act has taken someone so very well loved and respected.
Sally Bell and everyone at the Plaza

I have the privilege of having married into Jill's extended family, and can say that she was an amazingly loveable person. She always put others first and gave of herself. I have often likened her ability to love others to that of the late Princess Diana and those who knew her personally will understand what I mean. We are all grief filled that we, (and the UK), have lost someone who was able to demonstrate, in such practical ways, what it is to give of yourself and selflessly build others up. There are no words to express what is being felt at this moment....Just emptiness, and a tragic sense of loss.
David Tate, UK

We were all totally shocked to hear of the tragic death of Jill Dando, a lady who forever had a smile on her face. What is the world coming to when such an innocent, kind hearted and beautiful lady is robbed of her life so cruelly?
We will miss her smiling face from our television screens, newspapers and magazines. May you rest in peace Jill and our deepest sympathies go to your family, friends and work colleagues.
Daisy, Zareen, Kim, Carole, Indira, Margaret and Joy, Admin Staff at the School of Retail Studies, London College of Printing

We are devastated by this tragic loss and our heartfelt sympathies go out to Jill's loved ones and family. We loved her warmth, professionalism and enthusiasm and enjoyed her work immensely. This pointless sacrifice of a lovely person insults us all.
Tom Suffolk, Brussels, Belgium

The Matthew Project is a registered charity based in Norwich, which runs counselling, advice and support services for those who have a problem related to their own or another's use of drugs. Jill Dando was our patron.
Like others we were absolutely devastated to learn of Jill's death. She had been the Patron of The Matthew Project for the last six years. Andy Gathercole, our Assistant Director, had known Jill since they were teenagers together in Weston-Super-Mare, where they were members of the youth club at the Baptist church where Andy's father was the minister.
As a result we approached her and asked her to be our patron and we were delighted that she very willingly agreed to be so. She always took a very active interest in our work and was always willing to do anything she could to endorse it. Right from the start we felt very much that the work we are involved in was a concern that was very close to her heart.
In June 1997 she came up to Norfolk especially to compere a fashion show at the Thursford Collection, which was organised by the Friends of Kelling School, with half the proceeds going to The Matthew Project. On a number of occasions she donated very sizeable fees she had been given for participating in various events to The Matthew Project.
I think the thing that impressed us most whenever we met her was how natural and genuine she was. We remember her posing for photographers with two of the children from Kelling School and being struck by the very warm and sincere way she related to the children, together with her patience with the demands of the photographers. She made everyone around her feel comfortable and showed great modesty privately, almost to the point of being self-depreciating.
As one tribute paid to her yesterday stated, "What you saw was what you got". Certainly that was our experience. We could have had no better patron. We will miss her support and encouragement greatly.
The Matthew Project, Norwich, UK

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