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Monday, 26 July, 1999, 10:27 GMT 11:27 UK
Jill Dando tributes II
My thoughts are with her family and friends. As an American, unfortunately I have become somewhat desensitised to murder and violence. But I was deeply shocked that this happened in London. I watched her on numerous occasions when I was lucky enough to live in England. She came across the screen as genuine and warm. I hope that the person or persons will be caught - while it won't bring her back, it may help to understand why it happened and stop incidents like this in the future. It seems to me that America can't stem the violence, but I hope Britain can before it reaches the level we're forced to live with here. Again, my deepest condolences to her family and fiancé.
Tina Boege, Minnesota, USA

I am away from home for four months and this news brings home the fragility and preciousness of life. Jill's smile and elegance was a reminder of home as my husband and many of our friends were all "in love" with beautiful Jill. I cannot understand the uselessness of her death and send my deepest sympathies to her family and husband-to-be.
Jo Hopkins, Melbourne, Australia

Jill Dando 1961 - 1999
I really will miss Jill. I would often see her around the neighbourhood and wish that we could become friends. Unfortunately, that will now remain an impossible dream. I will cherish the memory of her radiance.
John Black, Fulham, UK

Her death is a great loss. Her gentle smile will be sadly missed, also by us foreign BBC TV-lovers.
Stein S. Eriksen, Bergen, Norway

I am a BBC employee on Maternity leave, and have in the past worked in the Newsroom when Jill was on shift. She treated me with kindness, and respect, even though I was very much her junior. She was genuine, and humane and is to my mind a great loss to the newsroom.
Monika Buttling-Smith, UK

Thank you for taking us on the most wonderful holidays! We shall miss you. R.I.P.
Dilsher and Pia Sen, Calcutta, India

Even those of us who never knew her personally felt we did. Sincere condolences to her family on this devastating loss of a lovely lady.
Ant, Karen & Kendall Gilmour, Newbury, UK

I have spent most of the morning in tears over the loss of the lovely Jill.
Alan Keen, Merseyside, England

I would like to add my tribute to Jill Dando, to the thousands that must be pouring in. I was so stunned by her tragic death that I felt I must write to express my admiration for her both as a journalist and a beautiful person.
She gave us many delightful hours with her sunny smile and friendly approach to all the programmes she presented and in particular the Holiday series; she always seemed to be "one of us". Which is why it is all the more incomprehensible to realise that someone actually set out to end her life in such a cowardly and ruthless way.
Our hearts go out to all her family and to her fiancé. She will be sadly missed by all.
Pauline Inghammar, Beauly, Scotland

I wish to express my sadness at the loss of Jill Dando. How could anyone be so selfish as to deprive us of her? She never broke our faith in her by sniping at anyone, not once, in any of her roles, and I think that is why we liked her so much - I could trust her to be honest and lovely and I loved to watch her. I shall miss her very much.
Jenni Norville, York, England.

Even the next day I am still shocked by this tragic waste of human life. As a police officer Jill was well regarded by me and many of my colleagues for her work with Crimewatch. As a presenter her work was unsurpassed by those who tried in vein to emulate her. I will miss her charm and charisma when ever I turn on the TV. My thoughts are with Jill's family at this very sad time.
Jooles, Camberley, UK

My heart and deepest thoughts are with your family, and particularly your fiancé, at this terrible time. No words can compensate the tragic loss of a loved one but I hope that your family will take strength from all the tributes to you here. You seemed a wonderful person, kind and caring and I hope that you have found the peace that you deserve. A terrible loss for us all.
Laura, London, UK

I am not sure I would be able to watch Crimewatch for the next couple of months, a program I have not missed for the past 4 years. I remember, what she usually says at the end of the program "Sleep well, and don't have nightmares" Irony of life! This is the worst nightmare! I know it's a very sad period for the whole country, but let us unite together, irrespective of sex, colour or race, and fish out these evil doers. May God grant her ever lasting peace.
Fola Gbago, Brussels, Belgium

The ugly duckling that bloomed into a beautiful swan, I will sadly miss her contributions to the media and all the hard unrecognised work she did for her friends in WSM and elsewhere. My deepest sympathies to Alan and her family for the loss of such an outstanding charismatic talent.
Andrew Wrigley, Bristol, UK

I feel very sad. Hers were programmes I used to look forward to, particularly Holiday. Her absence leaves a vacuum which will not be filled easily.
A.Iqbal, Lahore, Pakistan

Wish you were still here.
Jonathon Aitkins, Maidstone, UK

I was absolutely shell-shocked to learn about Jill's murder. As an overseas student, I have been living in England for 6 months now and when I first saw Jill on the British television, she instantly became one of the most recognisable and loved faces on the screen. I can't believe what has happened. Those responsible for this atrocious killing, must be caught and brought to justice. My sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones.
Andrew Ockolovich, Russia

Last night I turned on my TV to watch a programme on BBC 1 (can't even remember what it was I wanted to see). What I saw was Desmond Lynam talking about Jill Dando in the past tense. I was absolutely shocked. Such a beautiful young woman. What could have happened? When I watched Newsnight and heard that she had been murdered shock and disbelief turned into anger. Who can do such a terrible thing. My thoughts are with everyone who loved her and especially with her fiancé. I think I speak for every BBC-viewer when I say we loved everything about Jill and that we will miss her very much.
Ger Lindeman, Groningen, the Netherlands

Me and my girlfriend were in terrible shock last night, we felt upset and scared, because if somebody as down to earth and beautiful as Jill could be killed, how safe it this world for us? Our thoughts and love is with her family and friends.
Matthew R & Donna R, Hertford, UK

Another English Rose so cruelly taken from us, rest in peace Jill.
Maggie, Glastonbury, UK

Gone but never forgotten.
Kerry, Hull, UK

I began to watch BBC World just a month or two ago, so I only watched Holiday a few times. But I cannot forget her clear voice and cheerful face. She was called by God too early. All I have to say to her now is 'Rest in peace'.
Atsuhiro Kato, Matsue, Japan

I could not believe the news. I have not been so shocked since the death of Diana! A true loss to TV and the BBC. My sincere sympathies to her family and friends.
Alex Cordiner, UK

Even though I never knew her I feel like I have lost a friend. Our thoughts and love go out to her partner and family. May you find some peace.
Sandra Cook, UK

Jill will be so sadly missed. She was such a wonderful presenter. One of the few presenters I enjoyed watching on British television because of her cheerful approach to everything. TV will not be the same without her. How can a person be so sick to do this. My most sincere condolences to her family and friends.
Caroline Callebert, London

My thoughts go out to Jill's family, friends and colleagues after this terrible tragedy. A truly enchanting and talented woman, who deserved only the best. I hope that the criminal(s) who committed this despicable act is/are found and sentenced severely. Jill you will be greatly missed by all.
Jason Economides, London

I was very upset to hear of the tragic death of such a beautiful woman. I feel very much as I did on that awful day back in August 1997. You will be greatly missed Jill. Such a shame.
Richard Tinker, UK

I will always remember Jill's report on the Holiday show from her hometown of Weston-Super-Mare. Whilst many celebrities become tainted by fame, it was refreshing to see one who was so unpretentious and a genuine, friendly, lovely person. She was an example to us all. Although the light may be extinguished, its glow will shine forever. We will miss you Jill.
Steven, UK

Jill Dando will certainly be missed by all for many reasons, which if all listed, would take me too long to write. Here are a few. She was genuine. When she went to all the exotic places in the Holiday programmes I could be jealous and say how lucky and easy her job was. But, deep inside one knew that you could not hate her. It was impossible. Her appeals to Crimewatch must have made the guilty watching confess. She deeply empathised with the victims. She was a beautiful person from the outside and inside. My deepest sympathies go to her family and friends. JILL YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED.
Amardeep Bahra, UK

Jill Dando had one of the greatest voices on British Television, and was a great asset to the BBC. Her reassuring tone on CRIMEWATCH UK and that great smile that she possessed in and out of the studio has earns a place in the heart of the nation. Like Diana, she was well loved by everyone, and the tragic news of her death has come as a great shock to all. Her ability to lighten our TV screen will not be forgotten for many years. Thanks Jill.
Steve, UK

Jill was a true professional and a great personality that has fallen tragically victim to a callous act of violence. She will be dearly missed. My prayers and thoughts are with her family and friends.
Patsy Bleach, Belfast

Your spirit and personality was so refreshing-you will be so missed on TV.
Clare Lockwood, UK

Jill was an amazing woman who was an inspiration to people everywhere. Her death is a great shock and everyone will miss her. Greatest condolensences to her fiancée and family. Always in our hearts. "Those who sleep are not absent from us. Just absent from our view."
Samantha-Victoria Ducati, UK

As an ex-pat working and living abroad it truly disgusts me that we live in such a sick society and world. What has happened? It saddens me greatly, that at the end of the twentieth century we have learned nothing. Why do good descent people have to die at the hands of these people who have no conscience, morals or values? We have got to get back on the right track. How do her family and partner cope with this? I hope the knowledge that so many people do care will give them strength to see them through this terrible time.
Graeme Law, Algeria

My husband and I were deeply upset to hear of the death of such a lovely woman. We remember a few months back, laughing about how Jill was on everything we seemed to watch. I hope the person responsible for this is caught soon. I am so very sorry.
Julia McBlain, Corby, UK

Jill will be missed the world over.
Alison Johnson, San Diego, USA

I was deeply shocked at such tragic news. A lovely person - may she rest in peace.
Mark Curry, W. Yorks, UK

A pointless and tragic waste of a beautiful and versatile lady who was simply delightful on BBC television. She can never be replaced.
Steve Day, Leeds, UK

My heart goes out to the friends and family of Jill. Since hearing the news it's hard to take in. It's even harder to understand why someone would do something as evil as this. She will be missed in our home.
Keza Gouldthorpe, Ampthill, UK

I am very shocked to hear such a warming person has been killed. Jill Dando was a lovely lady and I can only hope that the man who committed this evil crime is found and justice is done.
Robert Ayres, Buntingford, UK

Just to say I am shocked to hear of Jill Dando's death. My thoughts go out to her family and fiancé. A gem of a lady like Jill only comes once in a lifetime.
John Lashley, London, UK

I just can't believe it, why? She was so lovely. Best wishes to her family.
Marilyn Wright, Staines, UK

I may not have lived in England for two years but I still remember watching Crimewatch occasionally. We can make little sense of the violent acts committed against others. Against anyone. It is these acts that occasionally makes being a member of the human species rather sickening. I offer my condolences to her family and may she find peace.
Justin Yau, Hong Kong

Jill, the essence of humanity, a great comfort and provider of help in many lives, known and admired by millions. The perverse cruelty of humankind never fails to astonish. May she rest in peace in a place far better than this.
Duncan Stokes, Littleborough, UK

I never knew much about Jill myself, but I did see her occasionally on Crimewatch, and I just think it's tragic that someone who did do much to try and prevent and solve crime should fall victim to an awful crime herself. I just hope the person that did it gets caught soon and is put in jail for the rest of their life. Condolences to the family.
James Taylor, Reading, UK

My wife and I are shocked at this sad news. Jill Dando brought grace and charm to her broadcasts. We offer our thoughts to her family and friends.
Donovan Harvey, Manchester

I am a Brit and look forward to reading the English news via the internet every day. What a shock I had today when I read about the murder of Jill Dando. I only thought that kind of violence happened over here!
Elizabeth Huston, Texas, USA

I am deeply shocked at the death of such a wonderful lady. My condolences go to all of her friends and family. She will be sadly missed by all. I hope they find her murderer and lock him up for good.
Anthony Ali, Birmingham, UK

I am devastated to hear this news about Jill Dando. Sadly missed.
Ewen Marshall, Falkirk, Scotland

I was deeply shocked to her the very sad news of Jill's death. As a presenter she always kept one's attention in such a relaxed manner. We shall all miss her. My thoughts are with her family and friends and especially her fiancé.
Martyn Chant, Reading, UK

I was deeply saddened to hear of Jill's death. I was only watching her new programme last night. I would like to express my sympathies to her family, friend and colleagues. I will miss her presence on the BBC a great deal.
Simon Wilson, London, UK

Jill was a wonderful person. Her tribute to television was beyond recognition. She will be missed by everyone.
James Kane, London

Jill was such a warm and sunny personality. This is such a horrible tragedy and an utterly senseless waste of such a wonderful person's life. She will be missed terribly. My condolences to her family and fiancé.
Richard White, London, UK

What is the world coming too? I am a student, and the air of sadness here is palpable. I think the reaction to her death is all the comment that is needed on her popularity. My sympathies and thoughts are, as are everyone's at University College Scarborough, with her family and friends.
Steve Upton, Scarborough

To all of us starting a career in the media, she was a most natural and intelligent presenter coupled with being a formal and authoritative newsreader. Indeed, Jill was a versatile presenter in the prime of her illustrious career. Although I never knew her, nor had the pleasure of meeting her, I feel deeply moved by her tragic loss. My deepest of sympathy to her close friends, colleagues and family.
Clare Cridland, Skelmanthorpe, UK

I never knew her. I had never met her. But her untimely death leaves me feeling empty.
Keith Robertson, Hatfield, UK

Alan Yentob said today that she was the "girl next door". This was, as I agree with him, the ultimate accolade that a presenter could have. Jill was the person that everyone could relate to - too many times the holiday presenter is upper-class, or not in touch with reality. Jill was very much the person that everyone could relate to and not feel as though they were being condescended too. We will miss her.

Karen Poole, Stoke on Trent, UK

She was the kind of woman women admired, who help us realise that we could aspire to just about anything.
Angelina DePalma & Rachael Beckett, London, England

One of TV's brightest lights extinguished.
Nicholas Jones, Birmingham, England

Thank you for sharing with us such beauty and care. God bless you.
Colin Ridley, London, UK

We were captivated by her personality, presentation skills in the Antique Inspectors, Holiday programme and Crimewatch UK. Her personality was captivating. A breath of fresh air. Her loss is devastating. She entered our home as a dear family friend. We shall miss you Jill but we shall not forget you.
Christopher & Ann Stewart, Colchester, UK

Speechless. Shocked. Horrified. These are the three words that sprung out of my mind when I log in to BBC Home Page. For a Chinese like me, Jill Dando reminds me of my time in the UK; the good, joyful time I have spent in this country. She represents it all. For me, she will be sadly missed.
Harold Au, Hong Kong

It is an awful irony that a lady who so often expressed the horror of crimes on Crimewatch UK, should fall victim to such a crime herself, rest in peace Jill, you gave so many people hours of happiness.
David Watkins, England

I remember watching Ms. Dando many times when she was on BBC worldwide news service and I enjoyed watching her and liked the way she presented the news and asked questions and so forth. I think its terrible that you cannot work in a job that makes you well recognised and respected without some insane people becoming obsessed with you to the extent of actually threatening your life. The way she died is inexplicable and shocking. May she rest in peace.
Nikhil Khare, India

Ms Dando was a very nice lady, she should not have been taken from society in such a Cowardly way, I have changed my mind on the Death penalty - I am now Going to vote for its re-introduction.
D Adams, Enfield, UK

Such a shock over the loss of such a beautiful woman. What does it take to deter the level of being who wilfully seek fame at causing pain to others. I am angered and yet upset over a person who entertained me and yet whose future appearance will always be associated with this tragedy. My thoughts are with her loved ones and her fellow work colleagues. This is such a shameful loss.
Graham Humphreys, Leicester, UK

Jill's basic decency and warmth was always apparent whenever she appeared on our TV screens. In today's media world those qualities seem all too rare and precious, she will be missed.
Brian Lilley, London, UK

I can't believe the news. Jill bought sunshine into our home when she was on the screen. She will be sadly missed.
The Lote Family, Brownhills, UK

A truly wonderful woman and an excellent presenter. She will be sadly missed by millions.
M Schmid, Bolton, UK

Such a genuinely nice person. Brings the memories of the death of Princess Diana flooding back. Its just not fair.
Fionnuala Byrne, Dublin

A terrible, terrible tragedy. A wonderful presenter who will be sadly missed by many. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.
Jane Mooney, Bermuda

Why should someone like Jill be killed when she has done nothing wrong to anyone? When people like the bombers do things like what they have done. It's so unfair.
N Vidamour, Bradford, UK

She didn't deserve to die so young, especially in these circumstances.
Catherine McKeown, Hamilton, UK

My sympathies lie with Jill's family and friends. I, being a young student, have not been able to comprehend today's event and the shock has been felt amongst both my family and friends since the news at lunch, so I cannot even begin to think how those close to her must feel. She was popular amongst a wide range of people and for someone who did so much to prevent and help crime. It is very sad to believe that she, herself, became a victim. Why, is a question that will be being said throughout the country to her tragic death. May she rest in peace.
Christelle Villanueva, Taunton, UK

Jill was a wonderful person. I'll miss her greatly. Her summing up of places on Wish You Were Here, were very thorough.
Chris Lear, Stalybridge, UK

I've just recently heard the sad news. I still can't believe it. Jill was such a happy sort of person and a great pleasure to watch on her programmes. Her enthusiasm was contagious, she'll be sadly missed.
Barry Fountain, Nuneaton, UK

I am deeply saddened by Jill's death. She was a fine example of an English lady, and that shone through her work in presenting. A genuine, warm, lovely girl who will be very sadly missed.
Kevin Clark, Dover, UK

Jill Dando's death is terrifying, she was a lovely lady, and did nothing wrong to deserve such a torture. I am sorry for everyone who knew her, and feel hate to the person who did this.
Hayley Brett, 13, Fareham, UK

We will miss you.
Dr Mustafa Gurcan, Horsham, UK

I remember watching Ms. Dando many times when she was on BBC worldwide news service and I enjoyed watching her and liked the way she presented the news and asked questions and so forth. I think its terrible that you cannot work in a job that makes you well recognised and respected without some insane people becoming obsessed with you to the extent of actually threatening your life. The way she died is inexplicable and shocking. May she rest in peace.
Nikhil Khare, India

It's hard to believe, I'm still coming to terms with it. She was lovely, truly. I pray for Jill's family, loved ones and friends at this awful time. God is faithful and true and will comfort them. I share my sadness with all of you in the U.K.
Omo Ogunnaike, Nigeria

She was just an ordinary girl who made all our lives just a little less ordinary.
Martin Scott, St Albans, UK

"A light that shines twice as bright can only shine half as long......And you have shone oh so brightly". Farewell Jill, a part of all of us goes with you.
Mark Oliver, Hampshire, UK

Her self effacing ways,
What manner of evil cut short a life so full, so worthy
A life lived in service and care,
Which engendered affection, and not despair
Until today.
When I heard the news,
I felt upset, like I'd lost someone close
I have - we all have - you see Jill stood for all that is good and decent
Your sister, your colleague, your sweetheart, your daughter -
All of these, to so many - our prayers are with you, rest in peace.
P. Rowen, Southampton, UK

Will sadly be missed. My thoughts will be with family and friends.
Sheila Toti, VA Beach, USA

She will be truly missed. A wonderful person who was a real professional. The whole nation will miss her.
Alistair Mitchell, London, UK

I'm very, very sad and socked to hear of Jill's death. My thoughts go out to her family and friends.
Don Shaw-Case, London, UK

I am shocked to hear the news and my heart goes out to the family and friends.
Neil Watson, Aberdeen, UK

TV will not be the same.
Dave Gunthorpe, Cardiff, UK

My Mum would be proud if I was like her. A shame, a waste and every other cliché you'd care to add. It doesn't make it better. Crimewatch, do your stuff.
Conchita Perez, London

May I just say I am shocked and bewildered by this news. My sympathy goes out to her loved ones. What's happening to our society?
John M Key, Manchester, UK

I am totally shocked by this unpleasant news. Who would want to harm such an enchanting and engaging woman? My heart goes out to Jill's relatives. Here's to a speedy capture of the monster that was responsible for this despicable act!
Barry Shirfield, Leigh-on-Sea, UK

A brilliant journalist, both in the field of news presenting and in leisure programmes. Her death has come as a great shock. She will be sorely missed.
Martyn Tueton, Wokingham, UK

I am shocked: I travel to London quite often in connection with work and this sort of incident really makes one feel that no-one is safe. Jill was one of those broadcasters who one felt an immediate affinity with: she was such an approachable person.
Carole Williams, Norwich, UK

What a waste of such a talented, likeable presenter and a beautiful young woman with such a happy future. We're all devastated here at our work.
Jill Forrest, Edinburgh

Your smile lit up the evening news, and made even the worst news seem more bearable.
Group B, Primary Education Course, Sunderland University

A terrible tragedy for a lady who done so much to help fight crime.
Andre Googe, Cambridge, UK

Jill was a lovely lady and an inspiration to us all. I once met her, and was surprised at how friendly and approachable she was, despite being famous. I will miss her smiling face on my television set and I am deeply shocked. I send my condolences to her family, fiancé and colleagues.
Chimaera Martyn, Cardiff, UK

You were an inspiration to me and were welcome in my sitting room every Monday at 7pm. You will be sorely missed.
Andrew Jones, Cardiff

Jill was a great presenter and a warm, likeable person. She will be deeply missed.
Ben Edmonds, Hornchurch, Essex

A tragic, tragic loss.
Hayley Segal, London, UK

May you be remembered for all your good work. You will be sadly missed. Our deepest sympathies to your fiance and your family.
Karen, Karin, Vanessa, Fiona, Rose, Irene, Shib, London, UK

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