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Monday, April 26, 1999 Published at 15:07 GMT 16:07 UK


Your tributes to Jill Dando

Jill Dando 1961 - 1999
With all the violence in the world, it is easy to become de-sensitised. I thought I was - until today. A sad day for us all.
Lorraine, Yorkshire, UK

You can break or you can shatter a vase in which roses have once been distilled, but the scent of the roses will last forever. (Sir Thomas More, 1478-1535)
John Fox, England

My sincerest sympathies and regrets go out to all her friends and family. Let's hope whoever did it gets caught for her sake, and the safety of the rest of the Fulham residents. No doubt she will be watching over us all. She brightened all our days.
E.M. Williams, Fulham, London, UK

I am devastated by this news. I have met Jill briefly three times over as many years at awards ceremonies. Beautiful, intelligent but above all else sincere she was totally unaffected by the trappings of her fame. She was for me a perfect woman and so in control of her life. I was devastated by this meaningless waste of such a wonderful person who talked with me and my wife like friends even though she had never met us before. Her life ahead was so full of promise and I was happy for her that at last she seemed to be settling down to the joys of marriage and a normal life. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
Lee Chandler, Bury St Edmunds, UK

How dare someone take such an amazing person from us. To the person who has done this terrible thing, you are soul-less. My deepest sympathy to her fiancée and family. Jill was a fantastic woman and will be sadly missed by all who know of her.
Ian Kerr, London, UK

She was the Queen of British broadcasting. The best female voice on UK television. Great loss to the Nation.
Mr Welsh, Maidstone, UK

It's all too close to home! As one of her neighbours, I only occasionally saw her coming and going. She always seemed such a pleasant and charming person, a lovely person to have living in your street. What kind of sick mind commits such brutality?
Sue Jenner, London, UK

Such a tragic demise for such a beautiful, gentle lady.
Rachel Hogan, Ireland

I am truly devastated as everyone is at the news today. Beauty is not a physical thing it is an emotional thing and Jill Dando was an incredibly beautiful woman.
R Fowles, Bedford

I cannot believe anyone would do such a thing to such a lovely lady. Crimewatch and the Holiday programme will not be the same without her. My deepest sympathy is with her family and friends.
Mandy Molloy, Oxford, UK

I heard the news this afternoon and told the people in my department. We are all devastated. It's strange how its almost as if you personally know those in the public eye who are known for being really decent people. I was shocked and upset to hear this news and, like when Diana died, am sure that many will be affected by this loss. My thoughts are with Mr Farthing and Miss Dando's family. It is a truly awful loss.
Karen Willis, Surrey, UK

Jill Dando was a lovely T.V. personality. She always exuded a certain warmth which revealed her to be a compassionate, caring person who I think genuinely cared about giving of her best to BBC viewers. She will be terribly missed.
Karen Slingenberg, Netherlands

What an awful thing to happen to such a lovely woman. She always looked as though she really enjoyed life. I just can't believe it.
Caroline Wiggs, Ascot, UK

A lovely lady!
James Hodgson, Kingston, UK

I don't know what to say. She was a wonderfully trustworthy and understandable person who will be sorely missed by millions, and me.
Martha Lax, Canterbury, UK

Jill was a wonderful human being and presenter. She made her job look easy and fun and her radiant energy brought joy to millions. She will be remembered and sorely missed. We send our condolences to her family and friends.
Penweddig High School, Aberystwyth, Wales

It is a true tragedy that this has happened. My condolences go to her loved ones and family.
Lee proud, Newcastle, UK

A face and personality to brighten up your evenings.
I Goodwin, Epsom, UK

She was always a pleasure to watch. She brought a breath of fresh air to the Crimewatch programme and was equally professional yet gave a relaxed feel to all other programmes she was connected with. She will be a sad loss, and be missed by many.
Rosalind Nichols, Bexleyheath, UK

Your cheery, smilely face will be missed. A horrific tragedy. May you rest in peace.
Emma Lyddon, London, UK

I am shocked and appalled at the news of Jill's death. I heard what had happened from the pager of a close friend. I was struck dumb by the news as I was an avid fan. My everlasting memory of Jill was on the Holiday programme when she took the job as a wedding organiser. It showed at that moment her true, caring, and generous nature. I will miss her greatly and I feel she was one of the best ever TV presenters.
Stephen Davies, Dartford, UK

A tragic death, she will be missed a great deal. A very sad day.
Claire Wilkes, Jarrow, UK

I'm in complete shock. We'll miss you.
James Penfold, Southampton, UK

Terrible tragedy to happen to such a well respected person.
Michelle Tasker, Chepstow, UK

Very sad, you seemed such a nice person. Rest in peace.
Isla Penney, Ealing, UK

Horrified to hear of your sudden death. You will be missed by your family, loved ones and all the millions of people who grew to love and trust you on TV. May Allah bless your soul, and grant you the happiness you deserve.
Jay Dean, Ladywell, London, UK

I just wanted to send my condolences to her family and the BBC. She will be greatly missed.
Greig Harrison, Maidenhead, UK

She was a lovely, friendly face on the television and it is quite unbelievable that someone that well known and loved has had their life cut short by no fault of their own but just for being popular. It is a very sad loss.
Roxanne and Mandy, Romford, UK

A woman who had such vitality will be sorely missed by the millions she entertained. May she rest in peace.
Russell Lines, Canary Wharf, UK

As an ex-Spotlight presenter, Jill has been a familiar face to my family for many years. She will be deeply missed.
Adam Stone, Exeter, Devon

A charming and warm woman. A perfect example for anyone to emulate. What a sad and terrible waste. Out thoughts go out to her family, let them take comfort in all the good she brought to this world.
Max Halliwell, Berkhamsted, UK

Greatly shocked - she was a wonderful presenter.
Alan Stelling, Bracknell, UK

A wonderful personality who became a very welcome regular guest into our living rooms, will be sorely missed for her presentation style, warmth, enthusiasm, verve and humour.
Mohamed Bharadia, London, UK

I'm really shocked and saddened by this horrific news. My thoughts are with her family, friends and of course her fiancé.
Joanne Parsons, Bristol, UK

I've only just heard the news about Jill Dando. And it's just not right. I just can't believe that such a excellent news reader and a face for the nation can be lost in such a way. This shock that I'm feeling, and I think a lot more people will be feeling over the next few days, will show how much she was thought of. I must send my heart-felt sorrow to her family and friends. And to her closest friend, Mr Alan Farthing. We've lost someone as close to the nation as I feel, the death of Princess of Wales.
Simon Vine, Bridgend, UK

This is the biggest shock since hearing about the sudden death of Princess Diana. It still doesn't seem real and makes one wonder as to what is this world coming to. This is yet another young life that has been brutally put to an end. Our prayers go to family and hope she is resting in peace. God will look after her.
Mukesh Shah, Croydon UK

She may have died but her contribution will be a lasting memory to the standard of broadcasting our generation has come to know and love. My thoughts are with her family and boyfriend as theirs is the greatest loss.
WIlliam Ledwith, Christchurch, UK

From all of us training to follow in the footsteps of Jill Dando, we are shocked and unbelieving in the wake of her death. Our strongest condolences go to her family and friends.
Cardiff Journalism School, Wales

She was a presenter whom we had all come to associate with both serious topics, and the lighter side of life. Through Holiday, she gave us advice; through CrimeWatch she looked after us. Through everything, she managed to smile, and make us feel better about ourselves. My condolences to her friends and family.
David Bradforth, Hatfield, UK

The news of Jill's departure greatly saddened a great number of the pupils and staff in our school today. We would like to extend our sympathies to her family and friends.
St. John's School - Library, Marlborough, UK

I'll miss Jill. She had a natural inner grace that is so rare.
Steve Gould, Chessington, UK

Jill Dando will be missed by so many people, not only in the UK but also those who watched her programmes from overseas - to whom she represented something very special from home. She was always so open and honest in her approach that she had our trust - although we never knew her personally. My sympathies go to her family, her friends and colleagues and especially to her fiancée.
David Richards, Worcester Park, UK

I was stunned to hear of the death of Jill Dando, who was a wonderful and warm woman. She brought a smile into the living room of millions of people. We will all miss her very much.
Jason Matthews, Manchester, UK

I was so upset to hear this tragic news. I do not know Jill personally, but she was in our lounge on so many programmes, and seemed such a lovely person. It is a great loss to BBC TV. How could anybody do such a thing to someone that was loved by so many people.
Sue Pearse, Tamworth, UK

It has been a total shock to me. I cannot get over the news for now. She was just a simple successful beautiful lady. Success never went to her head. I surely will miss seeing her on television.
Adebola Gisanrin, London, UK

Incredibly sorry to hear of the very sad news. She was a wonderful character and a most lovely person. May God bless her soul.
Sunil Bakrania, Zurich, Switzerland

A tragedy, a truly senseless act that has deprived a nation of one of its favorite daughters.
Jonathan Elsmore, London, UK

I was very shocked to her of Ms Dando`s death she was the "face" of Crimewatch, we heard the news whilst at work today and it is shocking to believe that someone could commit such a callous act, but then again it is a reflection of how the behaviour of our society on a whole is changing. I sincerely hope that they find whoever was responsible for her death.
Deeana Belle-Woods, Hertfordshire, UK

It is a complete shock and I am dreadfully sorry to hear about the tragedy, her father only lives down the road. I am sure that people in Weston will be devastated when they hear. The person who did this is sick and everyone should do their best to find out who it is. My thoughts are with her family and friends
Felicity Raffield, Weston Super Mare, UK

I want to give my condolences to the family and relatives of Jill Dando with this tragic loss. One may ask ourselves if it's all worth being a (popular) public person. It is bewildering to notice that it seems that public persons in a certain way are outlaws and have to accept everything that is said and written about them. Maybe this is (again) a reason to ban tabloids and magazines, referring to the stalker. My deepest sympathy to Ms. Dando's family and relatives.
Joop Stroes, Netherlands

Jill's death is shocking news. Jill always had the ability to put viewers at ease, she was sincere and a joy to watch. She will be sorely missed. My deepest sympathy goes to her family.
Martyn Pentecost, Watford, UK

I cannot believe the tragic circumstances in which Ms Dando's brilliant and magnanimous life and career were cut short. She brought a sense of uplifting sanity in an otherwise manic world. May she find peace and happiness away from the cruel and dastardly world she has left.
Marc Prema-Ratner, London, UK

I remember her visiting the places I have been to. Always looking forward to her programme keeping my memories alive. Now she's sadly gone, we will remember a person of all places. Really don't understand why.
Otto Tatipikalawan, Netherlands

Jill Dando was an inspiration to all young people and we are all filled with denial at this horrific tragedy. The thought that anyone could even dream of harming this wonderful, vibrant, bubbly personality is unimaginable.
Central Middle School, Exeter, UK

What is the world coming to? Such a lovely girl who had everything going for her. Last night we watched her here in Shropshire in Ironbridge, the start of what looked to be a good series and change in direction for her. She will be sadly missed by everyone. She was the nation's sweetheart, my thoughts are with her loved ones at this sad time.
Rosemary Hamilton, Shawbury, UK

I am so saddened at the news of Jill Dando's tragic death. As an American used to pretty news anchors with little substance behind the good looks, I have always been cheered that such a lovely woman could also have such intelligence and presence in her presenting duties. My condolences go out to her family and friends at this sad time, and I truly hope that justice is served in putting her killer behind bars.
Paula Cuccurullo, Edinburgh, Scotland

Devastated, shocked, great loss. Innocent and killed - she did nothing wrong except live her life ordinary and normally. I am deeply upset, and in extreme shock.
Lee Ballen, Essex, UK

Condolences to her family and friends. I can't believe it.
Karen Turner, Cheshire, UK

A senseless waste of a very professional yet bubbly presenter - she will be dearly missed.
Stephen Ainsby, Harlow, UK

I really cannot believe this awful news. Jill was such a lively, happy person yet she always remained down to earth. Her family and fiancé must be absolutely devastated. My thoughts go out to them and I hope you will pass on my deepest sympathy to them all in this very sad time.
Joanna Ward, Luton, UK

I was shocked to hear the news that somebody with such vitality and personality should be taken in the prime of her life.
Nicholas Bullimore, Nottingham, UK

How so very sad, one of the best on TV.
Kim Oford, Maidenhead, UK

A lovely lady who will be genuinely missed by the British public.
Neil Curtis, Norwich, UK

I'm deeply shocked as I have loved Jill ever since she started on Holiday.
James Coid, Edinburgh

A truly sad loss of an intelligent, informed and talented presenter. British television will not be the same.
A Raistrick, West Yorkshire, UK

A very sad loss. She was a model presenter who brought a little light into all our homes.
Colin Whitter, Wigan, UK

You will be hugely missed. Your professionalism and natural beauty has always been an inspiration. What a dreadful loss to all.
Vanessa Alden, London, UK

Jill was such a lovely lady and didn't deserve to die in such a fashion. Her family will be in my thoughts tonight.
Hazel Wardle, Manchester, UK

I was busy working at uni, and then somebody told me about this horrific incident, I just couldn't believe it. This lady juggled an extensive number of presenting jobs, and still made it look like she had all the time on the world. My most heartfelt sympathies go out to her family and friends at this time.
Paul Kemble, Coventry, UK

Stunningly devastating news. Very sorry to hear about her death.
David Ellis, London, UK

What a sad loss. Jill was such a brilliant and gifted presenter. She'll be much missed. Rest In Peace.
Catherine Obeng, Twickenham, UK

So tragic, so pointless, so sad.
Andy Henshaw, Stockport, UK

It is such a shame to lose such a sparkling lady - she will be missed.
Natasha Lintner, Lewes, UK

We are deeply shocked and devastated by the news. Jill was a beautiful and loving person who will be dearly missed.
Jeremy and Ian, London, UK

My heartfelt sympathies go out to your family and loved ones - you will be remembered by all who watched your programmes for your professionalism.
Jenny Bywater, Godalming, UK

My deepest condolences to all her family & friends - for a wonderful life to be taken so tragically.
Susan Tokatly, Dublin, Ireland

All I can say is how shocked we all are in my house and in our workplace, Jill Dando was somebody we all admired, she seemed always to be so full of life and vitality, she brought you with her on her holiday programmes. We admired her clothes, how nice she was, we all read how she was getting married in Hello magazine and how we hoped it would go well for her. How little we know, she will be sadly missed as the poem says "I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one. I'd like to leave an after glow of smiles when life is done. I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I'd like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun. Of happy memories that I leave when life is done."
Fionnuala Ryan, Ireland

Shock, horror and mourning at the tragic loss of a dearly loved friend. Jill touched the hearts and minds of her viewing audience with her unique blend of charm and serenity. It feels like a deja vu of the tragic circumstances in Paris two years previous.
Adam Hazelwood, London, UK

She was a ray of sunshine from home, England, that can never be replaced.
Steve Atkinson, Hong Kong

This is truly appalling and a very sad reflection of today's society. What with ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, nail bombs in London and now this (amongst many other example I could quote), the human race is demonstrating how bleak and short lived its future is.
Andy Brown, Whitehill, UK

I am stunned at the tragic loss of such an admired colleague. Never met, but always admired for her excellence and standards. A role model for all would-be presenters, Jill Dando was enormously good at everything she did. Her callous assassin must be caught.
Kurt Tarrach, Pebble Mill, Birmingham, UK

I have met a couple of her relations who one of them I used to work with in a bar in Wandsworth and Jill used to come and chat, not once, twice, but a few times, and what a lovely, warm, fun hearted woman she is/was. Why? What has she done? It makes me angry to hear what has happen. The company I work for in Victoria are all very very sad to hear this dreadful and unbelievable news. Our hearts go out to the whole family and close friends, including her fiancée, who must be devastated.
our sympathy,
Caroline Burgess, London, UK

On behalf of all the island - deeply shocked and a saddened. Jill had a special place in Irish hearts.
Kenneth Maguire, Dublin, Ireland

What a loss! What a waste! You were one of the bright stars at the BBC. You will be sorely missed. Rest in perfect peace.
S Akin, Canada

It seems ironic that someone at to forefront of crime prevention should be taken from us in such a barbaric and callous way. These people clearly have no heart. Our thoughts go out to her family at this time of need.
Dr Tarik Reid, Harrow, UK

We are deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Ms Jill Dando. She was one of the most welcome guests in our living room during the five years we had the pleasure of receiving the BBC channels 1 and 2 while living in Brussels. She was such a fine and gentle person and we cannot understand why anybody wanted her dead? Why??
Bo Hogland & Stefan Schulz, Ystad, Sweden

When I heard the shocking news about the murder of Jill Dando I got reminded about the fact that journalists are more and more becoming victims of crimes both here in Germany as well as in the UK. My deepest sympathies to everyone who knew and loved her. A colleague from Germany.
Tim Holger McGraw, Wiesel, Germany

It's like losing a personal friend. She will be sadly missed across the whole nation.
Graham Sutton, Reading, UK

I am very sorry to hear this. This stuns me in disbelief the way that Princess Diana's death did. It seems so meaningless and destructive. Depriving such an attractive and talented lady is not only evil it is the ultimate act of selfishness by what appears to be a madman. My condolences to her family, friends and fiance.
Richard Painter, Aldbury, UK

What a terrible loss, all my thoughts are with friends and family. Lets pray the person who did this gets caught and punished.
Sam, Woking, Surrey, UK

This is dreadful news. Jill was a fine presenter who had become almost a family friend. My condolences to her family.
Terry Miles, London, UK

Very sad news, a true professional in every sense of the word. I will miss her pleasant and outgoing personality.
Graham Orbell, Leeds, UK

The BBC has lost a consummate professional, charming, attractive, gracious lady. My entire family wish to send heartfelt condolences to all Dandos everywhere.
Anthony Owens, Auckland, New Zealand

Just like Princess Diana, a waste of a young, beautiful life. She will be greatly missed.
Dee Freer, Exeter, UK

Missed terribly.
Fiona Dick, Australia

It was only last night (Sunday Evening) I was watching the Antique Inspectors and I thought to myself what a wonderful and superb presenter Ms Dando was. I can't believe this terrible news. I'm deeply sad and shocked. A great loss for the BBC.
George Sanne, Netherlands

I am absolutely shocked to hear this. I have always loved watching Jill Dando in 'Holiday'. She was always a pleasure to watch and it will be hard to replace her. It is especially sad to hear that she had plans to get married, my thoughts are with her fiancé.
Aïda Renout, The Netherlands

So sorry to hear the sad news, she was a great person and will be sadly missed.
Ann Meacham, Minnesota, USA

May she rest in peace.
Samantha-Jane Ramsay, Farnborough, UK

You will be missed.
Alissa Murphy, Arklow,Ireland

A tragic loss, not unlike Lady Di's untimely death. I send my very deepest sympathies to her family and those close to her.
Brian Marlow, Lymm, UK

I was one of her fans, especially on her holiday programmes. Really sad for what had happened. Such a brutality in the heart of Europe! We'll miss you.
B.Margaa, Addis, Ethiopia

All of us at Radley College are deeply saddened to hear of the tragic death of a loved, respected and talented television presenter.
Charles O'Connor, Oxford, UK

The thoughts of many go out to her parents and closest relatives, and her fiancé. The person who did this is somehow sick.
Roger Julian Green (Dr.), W. Yorkshire, UK

Words cannot describe what a terrible and sad event this is. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say my heart goes out to Jill Dando's family and friends.
Samantha Zimbler, London, UK

Another much admired light has disappeared from the firmament. Her warmth, professionalism and enthusiasm will be very much missed.
Michael Gache, Reading, UK

I am deeply deeply shocked and saddened by yet another loss of someone who was so charming and talented. She cared about everything she covered, genuinely upset over sad world events, genuinely happy over the good things in life. I wrote to her in 1994 when she was only known for the news and Holiday to say how much I thought of her and how talented a presenter she really was. She wrote back and I will forever treasure that letter.
Rachel Hughes, London, UK

A wonderfully charismatic and intelligent woman who will be greatly missed by all. My thoughts are with her friends and family.
Susannah Green Worthing, UK

Jill was a role model for us and she will be hugely missed.
Alan, Mel and Donna, Scotland

Absolutely shocked. A dreadful waste of human life. My condolences to her family.
John Macquarrie, Glasgow, Scotland

You will be sadly missed.
Clare Law, Ramsgate, UK

Dear family and friends. I am really sorry to hear of Jill's death. A lovely and bright woman. All my love to you all.
Maree Riley, London, UK

You will be sadly missed by all. You were such a lovely lady - how could anybody harm a beautiful woman like yourself.
Hayley Pinson, Worcestershire, UK

Such a sad loss to so many people, so young, and so lovely..she will be sadly missed by many.
Brenda Shute, Leatherhead, UK

She was just . nice.
Clive Ayres, London, UK

I was devastated to hear this sad news. My heart goes out to all the relatives, friends and colleagues of such a natural and warm person. She made all the TV programmes with which she was involved come to life. I hope they catch the person who did it very soon, so he can be suitably punished and taken off the streets for a very long time.
Deborah Ackerley, Wiltshire, UK

A great lost to the country.
Juan Carlos Frietman, London, UK

I would like to send my sympathies to Jill's family and friends. It is an appalling attack on a really lovely woman.
Sarah March-Paschal, Bournmouth, UK

This tragedy is an utter loss for the British people, Jill always came across as a caring and compassionate person, who always put the truth, and other people before her own safety. She will be sorely missed.
Brenda Keany, Middlesex, UK

I am very saddened by the death of Jill, she was a true professional and epitomised all that the BBC stood for. My thoughts are with her family and colleagues.
Pete Thompson, UK

A terrible shame! She brought dreams alive for normal people with her work on the "Holiday Programme." She will be missed by people she knew and the countless thousands she touched through the media. My thoughts are with her family.
Richard Grinnell, Worcester, England

Such a tragic end to a bright and promising star! May God rest your soul and comfort your family.
Paul Gibbons, London, England

I am deeply saddened and shocked by this tragedy. Who could do such a thing to such a peace loving, popular person? I wish to extend my condolences to her family and everyone who knew her well, especially her fiancée, since they were due to be married soon. I hope that the police catch this sick individual as soon as possible.
Brian Wright, UK

Jill will be missed by both the public and the BBC - my thoughts are with her family.
James Farley, Scotland

A tragedy for a woman who touched the lives of so many people. I hope she may rest in peace.
Sharon Neill, Brussels, Belgium

I am deeply saddened to hear of the news of Jill's death. She was an inspirational woman and had everything going for her. I just hope justice can be done and the evil beast who committed such an evil crime is found and locked up eternally.
Ashley Cartwright, England

It has caused a very sad atmosphere in our office. She was a very popular woman and will be missed by a lot of people.
Victoria Abbott, UK

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