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Last Updated: Thursday, 20 November 2003, 18:08 GMT
Anti-Bush protests - live in London
Demonstrators are rallying in London on Thursday to voice their opposition to US President George Bush. BBC News Online's Megan Lane and Phil Coomes are gathering their views with the aid of a mobile phone camera. This page will be updated throughout the day.

Name: Emma Sangster
Location: Trafalgar Square
Time: 17:55 GMT

I'm here on behalf of Samar Hussein, age 11, who was killed when a missile fell on her house. She lived on a small farm outside Baghdad, just one of 20,000 casualties. I work for a group called "Voices in the Wilderness" which has campaigned with Iraqis for years, first on sanctions and then against the war.

My best moment of the protest came on Wednesday when eight of us were on Park Lane. It was completely empty and then George Bush's cavalcade swept past us at high speed. We waved our placards at him, each poster in memorial of different civilians who died in the war.

Name: Deborah Nash with Freya
Location: Downing Street
Time: 17:26 GMT

Standing here outside Downing Street amongst all these protesters makes me proud to be British. We don't do many things right in Britain but this time we've really come through.

No one here is happy and it's not just anger at George Bush. I voted Tony Blair in and I won't be doing that again. The Liberal Democrats have got my vote now.

We're going to Trafalgar Square now but because of Freya we're going to leave quite early in case people's anger boils over. Already fireworks are being let off in Whitehall.

Name: Nancy Fouts
Location: Houses of Parliament
Time: 16:45 GMT

I'm an American - from Seattle - and I've lived here for 35 years. I made this pretzel sometime last night, I'm quite surprised at the reception it's getting.

Some people ask me why the pretzel and one man just congratulated me on my snack of mass destruction. I thought lots of other people would do funny things too, the general idea is 'choke on this'.

Name: Alaa Edan
Location: South Bank
Time: 16:03 GMT

I'm Iraqi. I came here in 1995. My poster says "stop this butcher Bush killing my people". My mother and brother are still in Baghdad and obviously I lost contact with them during the war, my brother emails me now, he tells me he'd rather have Saddam Hussein back than the coalition troops and the Iraqi council who are all only there for the money to be made.

How bad must it be if they want Saddam back?

But, when I look around at all the people out today I feel proud to be Iraqi, I feel proud to be British and I feel hopeful for the future of my country if all these people care enough to be here.

Name: David Clark
Location: Waterloo Bridge
Time: 15:37 GMT

This state visit is ridiculous. It's to beam back nice pictures to America of how much the British people love him and it's all to kick off his electoral campaign.

Everything about George Bush has brought me out here: the environment, the Kyoto agreement, war in Iraq, the way he's managing the economy and the international criminal court he has just signed himself out of.

I'm not surprised about the attack in Istanbul. With the occupations we're involved in, what do we expect.

Name: Bryony and Nathan
Location: Trafalgar Square
Time: 14:57 GMT

Through their spokesman, Philip.

It was Bryony's idea to kiss for peace and they've been at it since midnight. We've got a few couples signed up to give them a break every now and then but the longest session which began at 6am went on for about four hours. We started over in Leicester Square and had a couple take over for a while at 4.30am which was a real help to the protest. Bryony and Nathan are now determined to keep up the kissing all the way through to midnight.

If protesting is going to work it has to be about variety - we believe in the importance of single actions like this along with the larger acts such as civil disobedience. I think the more variety you have, then the more likely you are to divide and defeat your enemy.

Name: 'GI Ronald'
Location: Esso building, Aldwych
Time: 14:40 GMT

On the protest march with alternative secret agents, a blood splattered Ronald MacDonald and a fake George Bush who is leading Tony Blair on a leash.

We're defending the free, showing the future of conservatism and the future of free trade, people need to suffer if we're going to have wealth. They just have to accept that it's in their interest.

We're the grass root neo-liberals, the silent majority and we're going to boo the communist tree huggers when they come past.

Name: Clive Munn
Location: The Strand
Time: 14:00 GMT

I hate the Americans, or rather I like the people but not any of their leaders. I was in the British Army during World War II and the Americans did nothing for two and a half years until they themselves were attacked at Pearl Harbour even though we were having a dreadful time, nothing has changed since then so that's why I'm marching today.

Name: Kim Hayes
Location: Parliament Square
Time: 13:28 GMT

I'm a dual national and I am proud to come onto the streets to stand up for the same things as President Bush - freedom, democracy, civil rights and most of all his determination to eradicate terrorism and defend liberty.

My grandmother was bombed out of her London home three times during the war and we must never forget what happens when we allow war to engulf our lives - I get very angry that people forget what this country and America have been through to defend our freedom and way of life.

These young people out here today don't know what they are talking about - it's youthful rebellion - they're here for lots of reasons rather than war. I say this to all of them - we are now living in the era of terrorism - from Lockerbie to the Twin Towers we must not be defeated.

Name: Dengfeng Nze and Tony (right)
Location: Parliament Square
Time: 13:21 GMT

We've not been involved in the anti-war protests and we came to London today to see sights of the capital. "Back home in China you just don't see protests like this so it's fascinating to see people on the streets saying what they want to say. It's really important for us to see these things today. As for the police presence, we're used to it at home - especially if there is an important person visiting a city.

Name: Janet Hague
Location: Whitehall
Time: 13:00 GMT

About 250 of us from Amnesty International have come here to protest against the treatment of the Guantanamo Bay detainees - 40 of us are in the orange jumpsuits, surgical masks and plastic shackles of these prisoners.

We were penned in opposite Downing Street, but haven't been detained for as long as those in camp delta. It's coming up to the 2 year anniversary of Guantanamo Bay and the detainees are still held without trial and without charge. Rumour has it that nine British prisoners are about to be sent home but even that won't be the end of the issue - there are so many other foreign nationals there.

We also want to highlight the plight of Kenny Richie a British national who's been on death row in the US for 17years. There was a house fire in which a 2 year old girl died, it was alleged that he set it deliberately. There are real doubts about the safety of the forensic evidence and whether he is guilty at all.

Name: Roger Franklin
Location: Buckingham Palace
Time: 11:45

I'm here because for 50 years I've been protesting against nuclear stuff. I'm a member of Trident Ploughshares and have come down from Gloucestershire for President Bush's visit. I was on the alternative state procession yesterday which was a lovely occasion, but I missed the reddening of Trafalgar Square as I was drawing CND symbols in chalk on the pavement.

They are guarding this place like it's the crown jewels - and there's much concern about the breach of security in the palace - but the monarchy is easily replaceable. I'm more worried if a terrorist gets into one of our nuclear power stations or submarines, it could destroy the whole country.

The BBC's June Kelly
"This eposide is acutely embarrassing at the start of the presidential visit"

Piers Morgan, Editor of Daily Mirror
"This really is in my view utterly scandalous"

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