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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 November, 2003, 17:13 GMT
Mail mix-up reveals MP's messages
Computer user
The messages went astray
A blunder has resulted in a hairdresser getting e-mails meant for an MP.

Ronnie Campbell, of Kutting Krew Salon in Barrow, Cumbria, described some of the content apparently sent from the House of Commons as "frightening".

But a Labour Party spokesman said the messages were news and information sent to party members and supporters who subscribed to its website.

He said any suggestion the contents of these e-mails were "somehow secret or meant only for MPs is incorrect".

The e-mail appears to have been meant for the Labour MP for Blyth Valley in Northumberland, who is also called Ronnie Campbell.

Mr Campbell who received the messages said he had informed officials of the mix up.

"I'm just a hairdresser but I could have been a terrorist, that's the worrying thing," he said.

"I deleted them as fast as I could, but they came on my computer with my name on, so I opened them."



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