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Last Updated: Monday, 10 November, 2003, 06:55 GMT
Royal media frenzy continues
A sombre-looking Prince Charles is pictured in several papers as he returned from an official tour to continuing media interest in an allegation about him.

The Times reports that he has asked Prince William to join him at Highgrove for urgent talks about the allegation, which the Prince of Wales has strenuously denied.

The Daily Express claims Prince Charles has been advised to make a dramatic television address to the nation, to counter the unsubstantiated allegation.

It says senior courtiers have advised him to "nail the lies and save his battered reputation".

Baby joy

The newest addition to the House of Windsor also gets plenty of coverage.

"Sophie in 999 Baby Op Drama" is how the Daily Express describes the Countess of Wessex's urgent admission to hospital, where she gave birth to a daughter by emergency Caesarean section a month early.

The Sun says the 38-year-old wife of Prince Edward was close to collapse when worried staff called an ambulance.

Her husband was in Mauritius and the Sun describes how he made a 6,000-mile "dash home to his girls."

The Daily Telegraph quotes the new father as saying he was "shocked and delighted by the news."

Tory changes

The Daily Mail turns its attention to what it calls Michael Howard's radical restructuring of the Tory party.

It says the new leader has signalled a shake-up by sacking Theresa May as chairman.

Instead the job will be done by two men, Liam Fox and Lord Saatchi, who helped to mastermind Margaret Thatcher's rise to power in 1979.

The paper sums up the changes with the headline "May axed as Howard seeks Saatchi magic."

The Daily Express says Ms May had alienated activists by talking about the Tories' "nasty image."

The Telegraph speculates the move will provoke jokes about two men being needed to do the job of one woman.

The Times suggests that Mr Howard's appointment as leader of the party has prompted the longed-for deluge of cash from big donors.

But a poll carried out for the paper indicates that the same enthusiasm has not reached the voters.

Nearly 1,000 people chosen at random were surveyed over the weekend.

Their responses suggest that voting intentions have not been affected either way by the recent Conservative upheavals.

Saudi bomb

The Telegraph reports that al-Qaeda may have alienated a vast spectrum of Arab opinion by killing Muslims in suicide bombings in the Saudi capital Riyadh.

A picture of ruined buildings and the wreckage of cars reveals the force of the blast.

The paper says the attack was to send a message that Muslims of "lesser faith" will be punished.

The Guardian says that fears are growing that the bombing could herald a new wave of attacks by al-Qaeda sympathisers.

But it says many people believe the indiscriminate targeting will damage Osama bin Laden's cause.

Rugby victory

The problems of the House of Windsor appeared to be far from the mind of Prince Harry, as he watched England's victory over Wales at the rugby World Cup in Brisbane.

He is widely pictured sporting an England rugby top as he jumps for joy and cheers on his rugby heroes.

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