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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 October, 2003, 15:56 GMT 16:56 UK
Tourist's teeth dredged from deep
Crete, Greece
A 59-year old British holidaymaker who lost his dentures in the Mediterranean Sea was astonished to be re-united with them back in England.

Don Masey, a railway engineer from Borrowash, Derbyshire, had given up hope of seeing his teeth again after he "blew" them out whilst swimming off the coast of Crete, The Times newspaper reported.

His children - who had accompanied Mr Masey and his wife to the island's resort of Makriyalos - tried unsuccessfully to retrieve them using snorkels.

But after local fishermen scooped them up in their nets, the teeth began their long journey home, thanks to a local bar owner who had heard jokes about the unlucky Briton.

Sunday dinner

Mr Masey said he had been taking a swim when he saw his wife waving for him to return to the shore.

I had to spend the whole week with people making jokes about snapper fish
Don Masey

He said: "I thought it would be quicker to do the crawl stroke. The problem with that is you have to suck and blow.

"So I sucked, and then when I blew, I blew my teeth out."

He added: "I had to spend the whole week with people making jokes about snapper fish."

The fishermen later took their unlikely catch to a tour operator which handled holidaymakers from Britain.

They forwarded the dentures to a travel agency in Britain, which in turn sent them on to Mr Masey.

In all, it took two weeks for Mr Masey to be re-united with his teeth.

"I got them back on Saturday and Sunday dinner was the best meal of my life," he said.


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