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'Rich list 2020' published
Champion skateboarder Lucy Adams
Champion skateboarder Lucy Adams, 19, could be worth 10m

Twenty promising under-21s have been selected for the first rich list to predict the British millionaires of the future.

The list includes a handful of people who could already be described as "famous" - such as actors Keira Knightley and Jamie Bell - but most are relatively unknown and from all walks of life.

The youngsters are tipped to make many millions during their careers, independent of any current or predicted inherited wealth.

Top of the list was 19-year-old Carl Churchill, who co-founded DMC Internet in July 2000, using just 5,000 of his savings.

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The company, which employs 12 permanent staff, has contracts with the NHS and Department for Education, and has just achieved its first 1m turnover.

Sunday Times Rich List author Philip Beresford, who compiled the list for the Royal Bank of Scotland, predicted Mr Churchill, who grew up in Solihull, would be worth 100m by 2020.

13-year-old golfer

The top earners of the future also included 19-year-old female champion skateboarder Lucy Adam. She was predicted to bring in 10m by 2020.

Twins Bryony and Kathryn Frost who are currently ranked the UK junior number one and two for steeplechase and tipped for success in the 2012 Olympics, were also on the list.

Carl Churchill
To be honest money bears no value for me but it is nice for someone to acknowledge my ambition
Carl Churchill

Nineteen-year-old Romero Bryan started designing clothes at 13, and has already seen pop singer Samantha Mumba - also on the list - wear one of his creations to the Brit Awards.

It is thought by 2020 he could be sitting on a 30m fortune.

The youngest contender is a 13-year-old female golfer who decided she wanted to go professional at the age of nine.

Henrietta Brockway is a member of Team Faldo, Nick Faldo's select group of promising golfers.

Among the existing celebrities on the list is Star Wars and Bend it Like Beckham star Keira Knightley, 18, who is ranked second with a potential worth of 50m.

Branson family

British Academy award winning actor Jamie Bell, aka Billy Elliot, is only 17 but could be looking at a 30m fortune by the age of 34.

Footballer Wayne Rooney, 18, was spotted at the age of nine and if he fulfils his potential could have earned 25m by 2020, according to the list.

Another recognisable name on the list is Sam Branson, son of one of the UK's most famous entrepreneurs, Richard Branson.

Excluding any money he stands to inherit the 18-year-old - who is currently modelling for designer Ozwald Boateng - could make 10m in the next 17 years.


Twelve of the contenders went to state schools, and unlike those who feature in the Sunday Times Rich List, they come from all over the country rather than predominantly London and the South East.

Eleven on the list are male and 10 female. Four are involved in the music business, eight in sport, four in business and technology, three in acting, one in modelling and one in fashion design.

Designer Romero Bryan
Romero Bryan got ahead by starting to design clothes at 13

The list is a prediction of those who, based on their current performance, will be sitting on a self-made fortune in 17 years.

Carl Churchill, who was deemed to have the most financial potential, said: "To be honest money bears no value for me but it is nice for someone to acknowledge my ambition.

"My advice to anyone else who wants to make it would be to take strength in even the tiniest glimmer of success, and keep building on this."

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Rich List 2020

1. Carl Churchill, 19: Co-founded DMC Internet in July 2000; predicted value by 2020 - 100m.

2. Keira Knightley, 18: Actress, had an agent at the age of six; predicted value by 2020 - 50m.

3. Harry Brooks, 19: Singer-songwriter, penned the hit You Make Me for boyband Blue; predicted value by 2020 - 45m.

4. Adam Hildreth, 18: Established youth marketing company Dubit; predicted value by 2020 - 40m.

5. Alexander Sims, 15: Started go-karting at 10, has since won BRDC Champions of the Future Championship, CIK/FIA Monaco Kart Cup and MSA Grand Prix; predicted value by 2020 - 30m.

6. Romero Bryan, 19: Clothes designer, has dressed Samantha Mumba, and appeared in television adverts; predicted value by 2020 - 30m.

7. Jamie Bell, 17: Actor, shot to fame after Billy Elliot and won Best Actor at 2001 British Academy Awards; predicted value by 2020 - 30m.

8. Alexia, 18: Role in London musical the Lion King, and launched first single - Ring - in 2003; predicted value by 2020 - 25m.

9. Wayne Rooney, 18: Footballer, Spotted at age of nine by a scout from Everton Football Club, famously scored the goal that ended Arsenal's 30-game unbeaten run; predicted value by 2020 - 25m.

10. Samantha Mumba, 20: Pop artist, wrote and recorded her debut album, also appeared in new Steven Spielberg film; predicted value by 2020 - 25m.

11. David George, 20: Developed a web-design tool that allows people to share information using their PC, mobile or hand-held computer, now sold in 37 countries; predicted value by 2020 - 25m.

12. James Milner, 17: Footballer, youngest ever scorer of a Premiership goal at the age of 16 for Leeds; predicted value by 2020 - 20m.

13. Hannah Taylor Gordon, 16: Actor, nominated for an Emmy award for lead role in TV series Anne Frank, and has appeared in films; predicted value by 2020 - 20m.

14. Amy Studt, 17: Song-writer since the age of nine, her work impressed Simon Fuller, and first single, Just a Little Girl, hit the charts; predicted value by 2020 15m.

15. Sam Branson, 18: Model, son of Virgin empire boss Richard Branson, currently modelling for designer Ozwald Boateng; predicted value by 2020 - 10m plus inheritance.

16. Lucy Adams, 19: Skateboarder, last year won the King of the Streets Competition; predicted value by 2020 - 10m.

17. William Felix, 16: Midlands agent for an American lawnmower distributor, after persuading them to promote their stock in the UK; predicted value by 2020 - 5m.

18. Henrietta Brockway, 13: Golfer, youngest ever winner of the Dorset Ladies County Championships, and a member of Team Faldo; predicted value by 2020 - 5m.

19. Bryony and Kathryn Frost, twins aged 19: Athletes, currently rated UK junior number one and two for steeplechase, tipped for success in 2012 Olympic Games; predicted value by 2020 - 5m.

20. Shanaza Reade, 15: BMX rider, has won three European junior titles and finished second in the 2001 World Championships; predicted value by 2020 - 3m.

Carl Churchill
"The internet is a rapidly growing industry"

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