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Quiz: English 21st century style
The cover of the previous edition
Phrases like 'lovely jubbly' and 'muppet' have made it into the new edition
The New Oxford Dictionary of English published on Thursday is packed with weird and wonderful new words.

Many of the 3,000 new additions have been taken from a range of sources, including comics, newspapers, TV scripts, novels, the web, and scholarly journals.

Only a small percentage of the total considered make it into the dictionary, as the more ephemeral and poorly evidenced words are put on the back burner, possibly to be included next time.

The influence of popular culture and the information revolution has played a huge part in the creation of many new words or new uses for old words.

Try our quiz to see just how much of the modern lingo you understand and how up-to-date your vocabulary really is.

A cyberslacker:
A: Someone who is ignorant of new technology related to the internet.
B: Someone who uses his company's internet connection during work hours to surf the net.
C: A person who has a very slow internet connection.
A: A group discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed and who is responsible.
B: Mounting co-ordinated lawsuits involving numerous people against large companies.
C: A new basketball move first performed by NBA star Curtis Blame.
A: Asia pop industry featuring Cantonese lyrics and western style music.
B: Pop corn now being sold in air-tight cans.
C: New dance being performed by children on New York streets.
A: A Hungarian root vegetable.
B: An expression meaning nothing, as in zilch.
C: An undergarment worn by shepherds in the middle east.
A: A person who is not conversant in a particular activity or skill.
B: A term of affection or endearment.
C: Hook used to hang tea mugs on.
A: Garlic-flavoured Kosher bread.
B: Type of charcoal grill used in Japanese cooking
C: The latest martial arts craze in the Far East

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