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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 October, 2003, 07:53 GMT 08:53 UK
Car stunt shocks newlyweds
Car in a greenhouse on the James house in Bridgwater, Somerset
The newlywed James's had a surprise on their return from honeymoon
A newlywed couple were shocked to return home from honeymoon to find half a car on the roof of their garage.

Sandra and Kelvin James returned from their holiday in Majorca to find the car surrounded by a greenhouse.

It was retaliation for a prank the couple played on some friends three months earlier.

Mr James, from Bridgwater, Somerset, had embedded a Nissan Micra in the drive of his friend Royston Grimstead as a surprise present when he returned from his own honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Mr Grimstead had been biding his time looking for an opportunity to strike back.

He kept the Micra, and, with the help of his friend's neighbours, pulled the latest stunt while the James's were on holiday.

Half a car on a driveway with bricks around it
The original prank that started the whole thing off

Sandra James said: "When we got home on Saturday we saw six or seven of Kelvin's friends on the roof.

"We had just bought the greenhouse before going on holiday and we were going to put our garden plants in there when we returned home.

"I swore when I saw the car. I was in shock. But we're not angry. Nothing is damaged and they certainly have shown imagination.

She added: "We thought something might happen, but we never expected them to use the car quite like this."

The original prank began when Mr James, 35, a builder and part-time firefighter, asked a garage owner to cut the Nissan in half after obtaining it from a scrap yard.

He surrounded the base of the car with loose paving slabs to look as though half the car was under the Grimstead's driveway.


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