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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 August, 2003, 12:13 GMT 13:13 UK
Barschak's stunt minute by minute
The Metropolitan Police have provided a minute by minute account of exactly how the comedian Aaron Barschak managed to get inside Windsor Castle to join Prince William's birthday celebrations.

  • 21 June, 19.12 Barschak arrives in Windsor by train, wearing a grey suit. He has his costume in his rucksack. He has the intention of seeking publicity in any way he can for his forthcoming show at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    Aaron Barschak
    Barschak performs outside Windsor Castle

  • 19.50 Barschak visits the Highlander pub and changes into a costume based on Osama Bin Laden, wearing a black beard, turban and pink dress, he has a drink and leaves.

  • 20.10 Barschak performs his act outside the castle gates in front of gathered press and public. But after a short while he is moved on by a Thames Valley Police Officer.

  • 20.30 Barschak returns to the Highlander pub with the intention of changing back into his suit. However after hearing a conversation about Prince William's expected arrival he decides to keep the costume on and return to the castle. He arrives to find that Prince William is already inside and most of the crowd have dispersed.

  • 21.25 Barschak enters the Carpenter Arms pub, still in costume, with the intention of getting changed into his suit - which he does - and going home.

  • 21.47 En route to the train station Barschak decides he may have the opportunity to enter the castle. He subsequently scales an embankment, climbs two trees, hoists himself up onto a wall and climbs down the other side.

  • 22.04 Barschak activates an alarm which sounds in the police control room. He then climbs a second embankment and whilst in the foliage changes back into his costume. He then walks alongside the wall at the top of the embankment and climbs over a wooden gate.

  • 22.41 Barschak activates another alarm that does not sound in the police control room because a van has been parked in front blocking the signal.

    Windsor Castle
    Barschak was deterred by the Castle's size and security

  • 22.43 He sets off a third alarm which is recognised and automatically reset by the police control room.

  • 22.44 Barschak sets off another alarm and is recorded on CCTV.

  • 22.45 Walking in the same direction he sets off another alarm and continues to be filmed on CCTV.

  • 22.46 Barschak meets a contractor, claims he is a lost guest and the contractor offers to assist him.

  • 22.48 The two men walk back the way Barschak came and set off one of the alarms again, both men are recorded on CCTV.

  • 22.51 Barschak and the contractor walk towards the side door.

  • 22.51 Barschak and the contractor approach a police officer and after a short discussion head off towards the side door, this is where the contractor leaves and Barschak enters the party alone.

  • 23.00 Barschak enters, climbs the stairs and enters the bar, it is empty because all of the guests are seated for dinner. He enters the dining room where Prince William is speaking, interrupts him to make a short speech then leaves.

  • 23.05 Barschak returns to the bar and orders champagne, he is challenged and the police are summoned. Barschak is then taken away via a side door.

  • 23.23 Barschak is arrested and taken to Maidenhead Police Station.

  • 22 June, 09.03 Barschak is interviewed, confirms his actions and admits that he was seeking self publicity. He is subsequently released on police bail.

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