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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 September, 2003, 01:33 GMT 02:33 UK
Fuel protesters warn of a repeat
Gateshead convoy
The scenes of 2000 could be back
The fuel protests of three years ago could soon be repeated, one of its organisers has warned.

Andrew Spence told BBC Radio Newcastle the People's Fuel Lobby is to meet this weekend in Birmingham to decide its response to the increase in fuel duty.

Chancellor Gordon Brown announced on Thursday that prices are to go up by 1.28p a litre from 1 October.

The warning by Mr Spence, a farmer in County Durham, follows a similar sounding on Friday in Essex.

Ian Gordon, who owns Gordon Transport haulage company in Basildon, says hauliers will have no choice but to strike again if the government refuses to listen to their concerns.

He said protesters were meeting this weekend to decide a response.

Nobody is going to run their lorries in this country at a loss
Ian Gordon
Fuel protester
"Initially I think there could be a petition to Downing Street but that will be ignored as usual so I think strikes are inevitable really," he said.

" You've got people fighting to keep their businesses alive.

"You've got a situation where one or two pence on a litre of fuel is enough to take your profits from the business.

"Nobody is going to run their lorries in this country at a loss."

In September 2000, farmers and hauliers organised a protest that nearly brought the UK to a halt.

Oil refineries were picketed to prevent the delivery of supplies to petrol stations and there were go-slow convoys on motorways.

A rush for fuel sparked havoc at garages and 90% ran dry before supplies eventually arrived.

There was also panic buying in the supermarkets.

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