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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 September, 2003, 01:26 GMT 02:26 UK
'My daughter danced with William'
Prince William
The prince has kept his love life private
The mother of a teenage Australian model says her daughter danced the night away with Prince William.

Linda Blair told ITV News Elouise, 19, met the prince at a farewell party for his brother Harry's gap year.

William asked her to dance at The Purple Nightclub in Chelsea and they spent four hours together before his minders took him home, Mrs Blair said.

Elouise's mother said they chatted about music and travel, shared a kiss and had a lot of fun.

Mrs Blair said Elouise recounted the evening to her mother on the telephone when she got home.

And she would love to see the prince again if the opportunity arose.

She said he was a really normal sweet guy and she really liked his company
Linda Blair
"She would like to (see him again), because she really, really enjoyed his company, she likes him and if it happens, well, we'll just see. I don't know," Mrs Blair told ITV News.

But her daughter's evening with the prince came to an end when his minders took him away, she claimed.

"She said he was so sweet, so normal, just like any friend, any guy that she meets in a club that she really likes, and they were just talking and laughing," Mrs Blair said.

"They were talking about music, the same music they liked and singing to the music that was playing and travel, they were talking about travel, he asked her about Perth.

"So she said he was a really normal sweet guy and she really liked his company."

The party last week was a farewell for Prince Harry before he departed for Elouise's homeland of Australia.


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