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Last Updated: Friday, 18 July, 2003, 16:34 GMT 17:34 UK
Sky journalist resigns over 'fake' report
The disputed footage featured HMS Splendid
Sky News journalist James Forlong has resigned after allegations a report during the Iraq war had been faked.

His resignation came after Sky announced it had suspended Mr Forlong and another journalist and opened an investigation into the claims.

The Guardian newspaper reported on Thursday that a BBC documentary on the war would show Mr Forlong narrating a clip supposedly of a missile launch from a submarine in the Gulf.

But the newspaper claimed the documentary, Fighting the War, which is due to be screened on Sunday, will say Sky used archive footage to mock up a missile launch.

'Public interest'

Sky said in a statement: "(Our) correspondent James Forlong has resigned following an investigation into allegations that a report by him from submarine HMS Splendid in March contained misleading images and information.

"The report was shot and edited completely on location."

The BBC has so far declined to comment on the report or give details of the incident featured in the documentary.

It said the series "reveals how the war was fought but also how it was reported. We believe it is in the public interest to let viewers know the truth."

Sky had suspended Forlong, as well as producer Lucy Chaytor while it investigated the charge.

The disputed footage was part of a pool report made available to other news organizations and was also shown on ITV News.

The BBC's Nick Higham
"James Forlong's pooled report for Sky News was billed as an exclusive"

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