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Last Updated: Friday, 18 July, 2003, 16:31 GMT 17:31 UK
Passport prices rise by 36%
A standard passport will cost 42
The price of a standard passport is to rise 36% - nearly 13 times the rate of inflation - to pay for new anti-fraud measures, the Home Office has revealed

The price of a 10-year passport will rise from 33 to 42, a child's passport from 19 to 25, and a 48-page "jumbo" passport from 40 to 54.50.

Collective passports, for schools and youth groups, will remain at 39.

More than half of the extra cash raised by these rises will help pay for projects such as the inclusion in passports of information identifying their owners - microchips containing fingerprints, for example, or pictures of their iris or other facial characteristics.

It will also fund fraud investigation units already operating in passport offices around Britain and better staff training, according to ministers.

The UK Passport Service said the rise was also needed to pay off its 26m debt to the Treasury for a 1999 computer crisis by October 2004.

In November the price of adult passports rose by 10% and children's by 19%.

The new fees will come into effect on 2 October, less than 11 months later.


Travellers will no longer be allowed to amend passports.

Newly-weds or parents who wish to add children will have to buy new ones regardless of how long their existing passport has to run, a Home Office spokesman said.

The cost of getting a passport quickly will also rise.

The guaranteed same-day premium service will rise from 78 to 89 for a standard passport, from 64 to 71 for a child's passport and from 85 to 95.50 for a 48-page passport.

The one-week "fast track" service will rise from 63 to 70.

Fees for applications made overseas to British consular posts will also rise, but they will continue to offer an amendment service.

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