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At-a-glance: Road schemes
Traffic jam
The changes are intended to ease congestion throughout the country
The government has announced a billion-pound road building scheme, but rejected some recommendations. Here is a full list of what will change and what will not.


  • M25 J1b-3 widening (Dartford Crossing to M20)
  • M25 J5-7 widening (M26 to Redhill/M23)
  • M25 J16-23 widening (M40 to A1(M))
  • M25 J23-27 widening (A1(M) to M11)
  • M25 J27-31 widening (M11 to Dartford Crossing)
  • M25 J5 improvements (with M26 at Sevenoaks)

    Total estimated cost 1,700 million

    Also 160 million of responding-to-incidents initiatives and traffic management schemes.

    Thames Valley

  • Traffic management measures - estimated total cost 502 million

    Tyneside Area

  • A19 Testos Roundabout improvement
  • A1/A19 Seaton Burn junction improvement
  • A19/A1058 Coast Road junction
  • A19/A189 Moor Farm junction

    Estimated total cost of all A19 schemes: 170 million

    A1 Newcastle Western Bypass - Highways Agency (HA) to consider issues further.

    South Coast

  • M27 crawler lanes for lorries and technology improvements - 117 million
  • A27 Beddingham improvement - currently 27 million but Transport Secretary Alistair Darling has asked for revised scheme.

    Rejected schemes

  • A27 Worthing tunnel
  • A27 Chichester bypass improvements
  • A27 Arundel bypass
  • A27 Selmeston bypass
  • A27 Wilmington bypass

    London to Ipswich

  • A12/M25 Brook Street interchange - 26 million
  • A12 Widening (M25 to Chelmsford) - 220 million
  • A120 Braintree to Marks Tey dualling - 203 million
  • A12 Chelmsford to A120 Ardleigh interchange - 239 million

    West Midlands Area

  • M42 J3-7 traffic management schemes - 270 million
  • M54 to M6 (Toll) Link - 55 million
  • M42 J3-7 widening and junction improvements

    Rejected schemes

  • Bypasses of Wolverhampton and Stourbridge

    M60 (Junctions 12-18)

  • M60 improvements and traffic management schemes - 479 million

    London to South Midlands

  • A505 Dunstable Northern Bypass (also known as the A5-M1 link) - 48 million
  • M1 J6a to J10 - 241 million
  • M1 J10 to J13 - 382 million
  • A421 Bedford to M1 J13 - 171 million
  • M11 J8-9 dualling - 171 million
  • M11 J9-14 dualling - 226 million
  • A428 A1 to Caxton dualling - 277 million
  • A14 Kettering Bypass widening - 71 million
  • A1 Sandy and Beeston bypass - 67 million
  • A1 Brampton to Alconbury - 71 million

    South and West Yorkshire

  • Capacity improvements to M1, M62, A1/A1(M) & M18 including traffic management schemes
  • Some widening of the following sections:
  • M1 J30-42 widening
  • M62 J25-32 widening
  • M18 M1 to J3
  • A1/A1(M) J34 to M62

    Total estimated cost 1,200 million


  • A63 Castle Street Improvement - 137 million

    Norwich to Peterborough

  • Small-scale safety and management measures
  • Highway Agency to consider the cases for smaller scale bypasses to the villages of Middleton and East Winch
  • Highway Agency to review the case later in the decade for upgrades between the A1 and Sutton and between North Tuddenham and Eastern.

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