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Transport plan: What's been done
A CBI report has strongly criticised Labour's ten year transport plan, launched with a fanfare three years ago this month.

But the government insists progress is being made - find out more using the links below.

Pledge Verdict
Around 6,000 new carriages and trains. ON COURSE: Since privatisation the number of new vehicles ordered is 4,281 at a cost of over 4bn.
Channel Tunnel Rail Link completed. ON COURSE: Due for completion by 2007.
Modernisation and upgrading of the East and West Coast Main Lines. ON COURSE: West Coast - 9.9bn upgrade should cut London-Glasgow journey time by 45 mins by 2006.

DOUBTFUL: East Coast - "Incremental approach" being adopted instead of one-off upgrade, but options still being considered. Announcement due by end of 2003.

Train protection and warning system throughout network, with full automatic train protection on higher speed lines. ON COURSE: Over 95% of the trains have been fitted with TPWS with the remainder to be fitted by the end of the year and around 93% signals fitted.

Pledge Verdict
360 miles of trunk roads widened. PENDING: Four widening schemes completed, six under construction and further 14 earmarked in current improvement plan.
80 schemes to improve safety and traffic flow at junctions. PENDING: One major scheme completed so far, at M11 junction eight. "Steady progress" being made on a further 20 schemes, while another 39 have been identified for the program. Others should follow to reach target.
Wiping out maintenance backlog on local roads. PENDING: Spending doubled on local road maintenance, with commitment to halt deterioration in local road condition by 2004.
New technology for better traffic management and real-time information. PENDING: Highways Agency developing "active management" project and work continues on new national Traffic Control Centre in Birmingham.

Pledge Verdict
Up to 25 new light rail or tram lines in major cities. PENDING: Seven lines approved for funding so far. Two other schemes, previously approved, taken forward using 10 Year Plan funding.
Comfortable, reliable bus services, including guided bus schemes. PENDING: Number of bus passengers rose by 1% in 2001-02 compared to previous year.
Greatly increased funding for councils' Local Transport Plans. DONE: Annual investment available to local authorities for transport more than doubled to record 1.6bn in 2003-04.
New Urban Bus Challenge Fund to offer new bus links to under-served urban areas. DONE: Scheme introduced in 2001. In 2002 round 34 projects were successful and were awarded 18m.
Up to 100 new park and ride services. ON COURSE: Data indicates local authorities are introducing around 150 new bus-based park and ride schemes, together with over 30 improved or enhanced schemes, in the five years to 2005/ 06.

Pledge Verdict
Up to 50 new bypasses to relieve communities blighted by congestion and pollution. ON COURSE: 67 major local road improvement schemes provisionally or fully approved including 26 bypasses.
At least an hourly bus service within a ten minute walk for a third more rural households. DONE: Latest data shows increase from 35% in the baseline year (1996/ 97) to 48% in 1999/ 01, a rise of over a third.
Support for a wide range of flexible, community transport projects such as minibus and taxi-based schemes. DONE: In 2001/02, 20.5m awarded to 58 projects under the Rural Bus Challenge, which now supports over 200 projects throughout rural England, including taxi-bus and other demand-responsive services.

Pledge Verdict
'Quality plus' standards on all main bus routes. ON COURSE: Targeted improvements to busiest routes being delivered via the BusPlus project. The first phase, covering 27 key routes, completed in summer 2002.
At least two new tram or guided bus systems. PENDING: Mayor of London announced plans for two new tram schemes - the West London Tram and the Cross-River Tram, and 2 new bus-based transit schemes - East London Transit and Greenwich Waterfront Transit. Public consultation in to West London Tram currently taking place.
Extending the Docklands Light Railway to City Airport. ON COURSE: Approval for 2.7 mile (4.4km) extension from Canning Town to Silvertown and City Airport given in March 2002.
CrossRail, or a similar major new east-west link. PENDING: Government "continues to support the development of Crossrail". Full business case from joint sponsors of the projects, the Strategic Rail Authority and Transport for London, expected any day with decision to follow.
East Thames river crossings. PENDING: Proposals exist for three new river crossings in East London (DLR extension to Woolwich, Thames Gateway Bridge, Silvertown Link). Progress on these schemes is responsibility of the Mayor of London.

Pledges selected from Department for Transport 10 year plan summary document.

Verdicts according to the Department for Transport, Strategic Rail Authority and Highways Agency.

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