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Blair branded 'worst Briton'
Tony Blair
Blair has a habit of topping polls
A week after being showered with accolades and birthday presents, Tony Blair finds himself with an unwanted gift - the title of Britain's most unpopular person.

The prime minister has topped a poll to find the nation's "worst" person, beating glamour model Jordan and Baroness Thatcher.

Channel 4 fielded votes from 100,000 people to compile its list for a television countdown of the "top" 100.

Last year, Sir Winston Churchill was named the greatest Briton of all time in a BBC poll, attracting more than a million votes.

Some consolation for the prime minister could be that the votes were cast in February and March, as an unpopular war in Iraq loomed.

Worst Britons
1: Tony Blair
2: Jordan
3: Margaret Thatcher
4: Jade Goody
5: Martin Bashir
6: Gareth Gates
7: Sir Alex Ferguson
8: 'H' from Steps
9: Geri Halliwell
10: Queen Elizabeth II

The poll does not account for his increased personal popularity since the start of the conflict. But the result is a long way from the jubilant scenes of May 1997, when he was swept to Downing Street after 18 years of Tory rule.

His wife, Cherie Blair, also makes the list, down in 89th position, and his communications director, Alastair Campbell, is in 57th.

The only current Conservative politician is Iain Duncan Smith who props up the chart at number 99.

Party girl Jordan, who last year gave birth to Harvey, the son of soccer star Dwight Yorke, was less than thrilled to hear she was runner-up.

Jordan shot to fame on Page Three
On being told the news, she said: "What goes around, comes around - I'm a great believer in that. So eat your apple pie."

There are 20 figures from the music world, including Gareth Gates at number six and 'H' from Steps two places behind.

The show on which Gates shot to fame - Pop Idol - featured seven more individuals, including panellists Simon Cowell and Pete Waterman, presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly and fellow contestants Darius Danesh, Rik Waller and Will Young.

TV interviewer Martin Bashir was in fifth position, probably in reaction to his controversial interview with Michael Jackson, fresh in the minds of voters.

'Mouthy millionaires'

But he is in good company. Television and radio presenters appear to irritate large sections of the public, making up a quarter of the list.

Chris Evans (12), Anthea Turner (15) and Anne Robinson (25) are among them.

Dead Britons and those behind bars were not eligible.

The programme's commissioning editor, Stuart Cosgrove, said: "100 Worst Britons is a roll-call of everything that makes Britain awful.

"From cheap celebrities to mouthy millionaires, it offers fun and frustration in equal measure."

Churchill voted greatest Briton
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