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'We are numb with grief'
Family member
Families of the victims want to know why the crash happened
A scathing attack on the failure to establish the cause of the Potters Bar train crash has been delivered by the families of the two young Taiwanese women killed. In a joint statement the families of Chia-hsin Lin and Chia-Ching Wu said:

In the past year all of our lives have been tormented.

Our hearts have been broken. We are numb with grief. Our sky has turned grey.

In our country, when the young die before the old it is considered one of life's greatest tragedies.

With a bright future full of potential, our vibrant happy daughters travelled to your country full of hope but soon met with sadness and were lost.

The two girls returned to us as ash. On the eve of Taiwan's Mother's Day, such a loss is simply unbearable.

You made our daughters die for no reason, how can you be so cruel?
We thought Britain was a cultured, civilised and democratic country, where human rights were fully respected and social justice upheld.

We have been proved wrong.

The outcome of both the unfortunate China Airlines crash and the train disaster Alishan, which occurred in our country in the last year were resolved with fairness and justice within six months.

In contrast there has been little progress in the Potters Bar rail disaster report.

'Grieving and torment'

It has been a year within which no clear or definite answers have been made public. We have to ask ourselves is there something to hide?

It is obviously a case of poor standards and poor maintenance, but they still put it down to sabotage.

Railtrack said they would pay large sums of money to victims.

Railtrack and Jarvis Rail must admit their mistakes and apologise.

This was not true and if it had been, to keep our mouths shut, it would have been insulting.

You are putting salt in our wounds.

We would like to ask the companies concerned, where is your conscience?

Where is (your) justice? Where are your professional ethics?

You made our daughters die for no reason, how can you be so cruel?

Our lives are now a nightmare. Our grieving and torment will never end.

'Get the truth'

We have travelled a thousand miles to be here today, not only to commemorate our dear daughters, but also in the hope that the British Government, British people and your society as a whole will recognise the need for justice.

We hope we will finally get the truth.

Railtrack and Jarvis Rail must admit their mistakes and apologise.

We ask that they take full responsibility and give us the fair answers we deserve.

We call on the British Government to hold an immediate public enquiry.

The BBC's Tom Symonds
"The survivors are still left with questions"

Solicitor Louise Christian
"We do need a public inquiry"

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