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Prince's old age jokes with dad
Prince Charles and Prince William
William tells his father he needs stabilisers for his horse
Prince William is seen horsing around with his father and brother on the polo field in footage released to coincide with his 21st birthday on Saturday.

Prince Charles becomes the butt of the young princes' jokes in the film.

All three are shown playing polo together, and after the match, William tells Charles: "I'm well surprised you scored a goal, actually."

His father, 54, replies: "I can do it even at my advanced stage of decrepitude."

William asks: "Were you all right keeping up? It was a quick game."

The film then shows him joking about the possibility of putting stabilisers on his father's horse.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Harry winds Prince William up about forgetting his boots

William's brother Harry, 18, joins in the fun, winding up William after he forgot to bring his boots to the match.

"You're an idiot," Harry tells his brother.

William agrees: "That's just about the stupidest thing I could have done."

Later, when William jokes he should be congratulated for his play, Harry says: "Shut up, I nearly fell off my horse trying to get you to hit the ball and you missed it, spoon."

After a long pause, Prince Charles asks: "Spoon, did you say?"

Harry says: "Spoon, it's not a swear word."

"It isn't, I'm sure. I do hope it isn't," his father responds.

Earlier, before the match, in which the Highgrove team beat their opponents 9-4, the boys were seen laughing affectionately at their father.

Prince William's 1,000 coin
Prince William will be honoured with a gold 1,000 coin
Harry said to his brother: "Pa's on good form today, isn't he?"

William replied: "When he starts to think he's really funny, you've got to worry."

  • William's birthday will be commemorated by the release of a solid gold 1,000 coin.

    Just 21 Prince William Alderney gold kilo coins will be minted, with the highest value ever seen on a coin.

    Their 22-carat gold will give them a price of 14,500 each.

    A further 500 silver kilo coins with a face value of 50 are being struck to mark this special occasion, priced at 695.

    The BBC's Jennie Bond
    "A shared passion between Charles and his sons"

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