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Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 June, 2003, 04:55 GMT 05:55 UK
Stamps mark William's 21st
Prince William commemorative stamp
The photographs were taken two years ago
Stamps celebrating Prince William's 21st birthday are going on sale.

The stamps each feature a photograph of the prince taken in September 2001.

Royal Mail is expecting the stamps to be this year's best-sellers with more than 20 million due to be issued.

A spokesman said royal collectors and fans of the Prince were among those putting in advance orders.

"We have a lot of interest from overseas particularly Japan, Germany and the US.

"The ages range from teenagers to grandparents," he said.


It is the first time a member of the Royal Family has appeared on postage stamps for such an occasion.

One stamp shows the future king arriving at St Andrews University in Fife.

This will be the first stamp to show the new first class price of 28p.

Other stamps feature the prince visiting Anchor Mills in Paisley, another was also shot in Scotland as he prepared to join St Andrews and one shows him at home in Highgrove, in Gloucestershire.

Prince William was previously featured on a stamp on 4 August 2000 when he was featured in a series celebrating the centenary of the Queen Mother.

Presentation packs contain an extra 21 pictures of the prince.

In addition, the Royal Mint is issuing its first coin carrying William's portrait, modelled by sculptor and artist David Cornell.

The 5 coin will be on sale from his birthday until 30 September. It will also bear the prince's coat of arms and the words "HRH Prince William of Wales", with a portrait of the Queen on the other side.

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