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Get a piece of Lord Irvine's wallpaper while you can
Tony Blair's reshuffle is doing away with the position of Lord Chancellor, a job which has existed for 1,400 years. But here's your chance to have a memento.

ENLARGE this image first, then follow the instructions on this page

Although Lord Falconer is holding the position initially, he will not do be doing the full role which has made the job so controversial.

In fact one of Lord Falconer's main tasks will be to do away with the post altogether - ending a history which goes back to the first holder of the job, Angmendus in the year 605.

Lord Irvine will thus be the last person to hold the position properly. For many people, he will be remembered for the outrage which surrounded the redecoration of his official residence at Westminster in 1998.

Hand-made wallpaper, in the style of the Pugin original, cost 59,000. Lord Irvine justified the expense at the time by saying it was for a "noble cause", adding: "We are not talking about something down at the DIY store that might collapse after a year or so."

Lord Irvine
Lord Irvine before his retirement
Now, just five years later, everything has changed. Without a Lord Chancellor, there is no need for him to have an official residence. So this is your chance to have a keepsake of the nation's history.

No responsibility is taken for subsequent garishness of your desktop.


Enlarge the image above, and then follow the instructions to set it as your desktop wallpaper. (Exact instructions may vary according to the version of your operating system.)

For Windows users, right click the image and if the option is available, choose "Set as Background" or "Set as Wallpaper". Ensure that in your Display properties, which you can reach through your Control Panel, the desktop option is set to "Tile".

If the right click option is not available, choose "Save Image As", then give it a file name and add ".bmp", saving the image to your desktop so it is easy to find.

From the Start menu, go to Settings, Control Panel, then Display, then Background Choose "Browse" go to "Desktop" and open the "bmp" file. Click "OK"

For Mac OS users, save the wallpaper image above to your desktop. From the Apple menu, select "Control Panel", then "Desktop Pictures".

Drag the image from your desktop to the desktop pictures preview window Select "Tile on Screen" from the "Position" pop-up menu. Click "Set Desktop"

For Mac OS X users, press Ctrl whilst clicking the image simultaneously and choose "Download Image to Disk". Save the image to your hard drive.

From the "Finder" menu, choose "Preferences" and then click on "Select Picture". Using the file explorer, find your image, select it and confirm by pressing "Choose".

Lord Irvine opens his doors
20 Apr 98  |  UK News


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