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William reflects on student life
Prince William on the beach
St Andrews allows William to enjoy his passion - the outdoors
Prince William has given his first interview since starting St Andrews University in Scotland.

Here are some extracts from his reflections on student life.

On his studies:

"My tutors and lecturers have been very considerate and have just let me get on. They know I'll come to them if I've got any problems. I try to attend as many lectures as I can but inevitably there are certain times when I never make them for lots of reasons. But I go to all my tutorials."

On fame in a small town:

"It's quite interesting because when I'm walking around, you see people chatting and so on in their own little worlds - and I always go into my own little world as well - and you don't really notice what's going on around you."

"I hope I'm not a tourist attraction - I'm sure they come here really because St Andrews is just amazing, a beautiful place."

On St Andrews:

"I love being at St Andrews. It's basically everything that I imagined when I first came up here. I went to look at Edinburgh first of all and I was torn between there and St Andrews. For me though, St Andrews had a community feel and the people here are brilliant."

On painting at the Windsors:

"Harry can paint but I can't. He has our father's talent while I, on the other hand, am about the biggest idiot on a piece of canvas. I did do a couple of drawings at Eton which were put on display. Teachers thought they were examples of modern art but, in fact, I was just trying to paint a house."

On Africa:

"I'm trying to teach myself Swahili which is something that has proved a little harder than I thought. It's because of my love of Africa. It's an odd language to learn but I wanted to do something that was very specialised. I love the people of Africa and I'd like to know more about them - and to speak to them."

On domestic life:

"I've got some very good cooks in my house but I'm absolutely useless as my paella experience, which was filmed at Eton a while ago, proved."

On sports:

"I like lots of swimming - I love my water sports. I'm trying to play a little more rugby. I played in a Sevens tournament a little while ago. I play some football - I play Sunday league up here.

"I gave up playing hockey when a friend of mine had his teeth knocked out - put me off a bit. I do swim in the sea but that really doesn't last very long. It's usually in and out, and I make a big fuss and shout how cold it is and then don't do it again for a while."

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