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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 April, 2003, 11:30 GMT 12:30 UK
Caption competition

If I take my Kudos to The Antiques Roadshow in 25 years time is it likely to be worth much?
Harry Sharp, Birmingham, UK

I thought kudos down under might be worth something, but then we're supposed to be backward here. Are kudos available in reverse?
Sandra Parker, Australia

Will Kudos give me whiter whites with a lemony fresh smell, or can I have the Summer Meadow variety?
Parminder, UK

Kudos - was it Professor Plum, in the pvc conservatory, with the bendy mdf?
Chris Ball, UK

I don't want any Kudos, the running costs are much too high over here.
Rod Richards, Switzerland

Kudos - isn't that where you wait to catch the bus from Madrid to Valencia?
Mark, Madrid

I've always thought that I look really good in kudos. It makes my nose seem pretty and shows off my ankles.
Marcelle, Oxon, UK

Kudos - defn: A poor man's pride in his creativity. (redeemable value 0.001p)
John C, UK

I've dossed in Kew before so if I win, please raffle my prize.
Ben, Doxford

Keep your imperialist BBC hands off us.
Kudos Liberation Front,

I tried to pay my TV Licence using Kudos, but they said I was 3 Kudos short.
Matt Everett, UK

Damn, I already have a black belt in Kudos, I really wanted one in Jarate.
Nic Holc-thompson, UK

Kudos - isn't that a city in Iraq?
Michael Burns, Wales

Wasn't Kudos a big dog in a Steven King novel?
Gavin, France

You mention that the prize is Kudos. Is this a very old computer operating system?
Andy, UK

So I've been entering this competition for ages and now I find that the top prize is a bottle of aftershave ? Thanks a million.
John Hughes, UK

Will the Kudos keep fresh if you send them to Canada?
Greg, Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

Can I pick up my kudos at Broadcasting House?
Jim, UK

Parle lingua beebie - Lesson one,
Kudos = Cheap
Edna Wellthorpe, UK

I know Kudos, it used to be a nightclub in Watford.
TonPal, UK


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