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Last Updated: Friday, 28 March, 2003, 12:19 GMT
Caption competition

Winning entries in our caption competition.

Film director Michael Moore, never short of a word himself, made his views known at the Oscars ceremony. But what's he saying here, pictured at the event with producer Kathleen Glynn?

Thanks to everyone who entered. There will be another contest on Thursday, with winning entries on Friday at 1200 GMT.

6. David Cope, Aberdeen, UK
"Well, it was better than just crying"

5. Dave R, UK
"Will someone take a look at the hand dryer in the gents?"

4. James Castle, UK
Michael Moore misunderstands a question about how he would best tackle diplomatic relations with Jordan.

3. Greg Olsen, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
"Really... I'm being deported? To France?!"

2. John McClure, Oxford, UK
"Oh come on! Everyone's cracked a 'The President, the Pope and the Dixie Chicks' joke at some point in their lives."

1. Murf, Epsom, UK
X Files 2010: The Return of Mulder and Scully.


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